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Three zodiac signs that are always far too good-natured

Three zodiac signs that are always far too good-natured

Actually, you can’t be too nice, because friendliness is a virtue. However, some people tend to wear themselves out too much for others and are sometimes taken advantage of. According to astrologers, these three signs of the zodiac are far too good for this world.

Some people are known for their generosity and kindness. Anyone can come to them if they have a problem, because they always have a solution ready and an open ear for others. However, your own needs are often neglected and it can also happen that these zodiac signs are exploited by others due to their good nature. These three astro signs should therefore think a little more of themselves and only stand by the people who really mean it well to them and who deserve it.


The sensitive Cancer in need of harmony always wants to be liked by everyone. However, you cannot do this without wearing yourself out completely. You don’t have to please everyone! In addition, the zodiac sign is naturally very caring and likes to take care of other people. The wellbeing of others is always close to his heart, because he wants everyone to feel good. Cancers should be careful, however, because not everyone appreciates their care, but sometimes shamelessly exploits their willingness to help. Therefore, the friendly Cancer should only help true friends who he knows will always be by his side in an emergency.


This zodiac sign also only ranks second. It is important to Libra that friends or colleagues appreciate them and therefore they are happy to help a lot. The zodiac sign tends to bend and adjust too much. Libra always wants to please everyone. In doing so, it often loses itself. The zodiac sign also always maintains the appearance of the outside world, even when it is bad, just so as not to attract attention. You don’t have to, you can show it if you are not doing so well. The others will still like her anyway. Libra should also learn again to listen to their inner voice and also to say no if something does not suit you. Put your own needs first.


Pisces are also one of the nicest zodiac signs and are considered loyal friends. The zodiac sign is extremely sensitive and always has an open ear for the problems of those around him. He enjoys helping people and making them happy. In doing so, the zodiac sign often forgets itself and always puts its own wishes behind. Treat yourself to a little something or do whatever you feel like doing. You deserve it!

Who plays more – women or men?

Who plays more - women or men

Entering a virtual world full of games and fun has become part of everyday life for most of us these days. Games on the PC or on the console are a weekend experience or a way to end the stressful evening. Working on the computer is now becoming an increasingly popular leisure activity for women too, so it is incomprehensible why gaming is still seen more as a men’s business. We have found out for you why this is the case and what differentiates the sexes when it comes to gaming .

If you can speak of a clientele in the world of video games, this is in constant change. The average gamer is around 34 years old, so players over 30 actually make up the largest video game group in Germany. Development studios today are therefore making a great effort to develop games that appeal to every generation and age group and no longer target the youngest and most technologically savvy. With the many genres that are now available, everyone can create their own world. Both men and women can play a game that is attractive to them.

Women like to pinch
While the most popular genre for men is “sports”, puzzle games are at the fore for women. A full 44% of women say that puzzle games are their favorite game. Of course, this does not include classic puzzles as we know them from reality, but digital games such as Candy Crush, Tetris or Dr. Mario. Where the gentlemen of creation and women do not differ so much in taste are the games of skill. Here 31% of the men and 39% of the women surveyed state that they like to play games like Slither.io. Third place for men is unsurprisingly taken by the shooters. The genre that is the most stereotyped. Another genre is in third place for women: Jump & Run games, such as Subway Surfers or Temple Run, are popular favorites among women. Women also like games with a demanding story and a comprehensible plot. This is why games like “Sims” are particularly popular with women.

When it comes to money
Even today we still imagine the typical casino player as a man. However, this cliché picture is no longer quite so true. Every 10th man and every 30th woman play for fast money in the digital orbit. However, the trend among women is increasing. With the ever increasing number of online slot machine games, the women’s world is being introduced more and more into the digital gaming world. If you are interested in sports, you can also play online in the casinoand usually quickly pocket profits. Around 55% of all games of chance on the Internet are sports betting. In addition to this category, men also like to play classics such as online poker and like to spend much higher sums than women. Women, on the other hand, play as a short pastime, especially when they are on the go. The increasing number of providers bringing out mobile versions of games of chance makes gambling even more interesting for women. In order to be able to address a broader spectrum of people, there are more and more different slots and mini-games in order to be able to integrate women more into the exciting world of gambling.

Who plays better?
The University of California hat 2016 eine Studie veröffentlicht, die beweist, dass es keinen merklichen Unterschied zwischen dem Spieltalent von Frauen und Männern gibt. Gleicherfahrene Spieler und Spielerinnen leveln daher durchschnittlichen gleich schnell auf. Wenn sich weibliche Spielerinnen als weiblich „outen“ müssen sie sich dennoch oft von männlichen Mitspielern herabwürdigende und sexistische Kommentare anhören. Das klare Bild ist immer noch, dass Frauen nicht in der Lage wären gut zu zocken. Aus Angst, nicht gut genug zu sein, versuchen viele Frauen – aus emotionalen Gründen daher – sich gar nicht erst in eine negative Situation zu bringen, was sie trotz Interesse und Neugier, vom Spielen abhält. Dies verstärkt jedoch den Stereotypen um ein Weiteres. Daher seien Sie gerne mal mutig und versuchen Sie es mit einer Runde Call of Duty, oder Online Poker. Was gibt es denn zu verlieren?

Who is playing now?
If you divide all gamers into men and women then the difference is really irrelevant small. So that makes no significant difference overall. However, the majority of women still play offline while online games are played mainly by men (80%). On the one hand, this has to do with the fact that the above-mentioned discussions want to be actively avoided, but also with the main focus on online genres such as shooters or MMORPG, in which women are less likely to find themselves in than in other games.

But all of this is socialization alone, which for the most part has to do with individual upbringing. The social feeling means that women are more likely to be served with more feminine products, such as Sims or other games, while the gentlemen of creation are assigned the harder genres. In order to break this wall, it is necessary to have the confidence to venture out of your own house, to compete with opponents in a round of Call of Duty or to spend a round in the online casino. This gives you the opportunity to balance out the differences in gaming, refute clichés and explore the world of games on your own!

Unfortunately, these zodiac signs often cancel

these zodiac signs often cancel

“I’m sorry, I can’t make it today! Perhaps these belong to the three zodiac signs that often cancel at the last minute.

The following three Astro signs are never at a loss for an excuse and are known by their friends for cancelling appointments at the last minute.


This sign of the zodiac feels most comfortable in your own four walls. It can happen that the Leo spontaneously decides to cancel the date, because he would rather spend a cozy evening on the couch.

Tip: Sometimes you just have to force this zodiac sign to be lucky and try to persuade it to come to the date after all. Because actually lions feel right at home in company once they have gotten themselves up.


This astro sign is not exactly considered to be particularly decisive. Twins prefer to dance at all weddings at the same time. That’s why they like to cancel spontaneously because they have decided on another event. They always pick what they want the most. Since they don’t want to hurt the feelings of the other person, one or the other white lie, such as a doctor’s appointment, has to be used. They also somehow manage that their counterpart does not feel bad about having been transferred.


The perfectionist Virgo always has a lot on her mind and a busy schedule. Often she only realizes too late that she has planned a little too much and has to cancel an appointment. If we forgive someone for a refusal, it is her, unless, of course, she keeps moving us. With her, however, we can actually be sure that this is not her way and that she will be there for us again at the next meeting.

Cleaning the Bathroom: 7 Effective Tips You Should Know

Cleaning the Bathroom

Moldy joints, a dull bathtub, a mirror that steams up quickly? These typical problems can take our last nerve when cleaning the house. With these tricks you can get your bathroom sparkling clean in no time.

Cleaning the bathroom: 7 effective tricks

  • Moldy joints

Even if we regularly use rags and cleaners – thanks to the damp bathroom climate, it can happen that a few dark spots settle between the tiles. What to do? Use
alcohol or soda and a sponge to loosen small mold stains . Then polish with an old toothbrush. In this way you avoid the use of anti-mold cleaning agents with a high chemical content.

  • Fogged up mirror

Who doesn’t know it? You get out of the shower, want to look at yourself in the mirror – and only look into a milky picture. Another negative side effect: the surfaces tarnish when the moisture condenses on them.
To prevent fogging, you can use a glass cleaner with an anti-fog effect, or you can use this household trick: rub the mirror with shaving foam and then wipe it clean with some kitchen paper. This prevents the moisture from settling on the glass.

  • Dull bathtub

Whether shower or bathtub, we want it to shine! The dull, white surface is caused by limescale deposits in the water. If your tub is made of ceramic or porcelain, the best way to clean it is with scouring milk. Then use a towel to polish for that extra portion of shine.

When using cast mineral tubs, however, you should avoid acidic cleaners and only use water and a microfiber cloth .
If you don’t feel like cleaning at all, you can also invest once in the purchase of a practical handheld steam cleaner . The small device cleans all kinds of surfaces and materials precisely with the help of various attachments – completely without chemicals, only with the help of water pressure.

  • Smelly toilet

You have just cleaned, but the toilet is smelly again (or is it still)? Of course, it is best to find the cause of the odor. If the bowl is cleaned, the problem is probably a clogged drain. Put in a glass of detergent solution and work it with a plunger.
Otherwise, this trick will help: you can easily drown out unpleasant smells in the bathroom with a few drops of an essential oil . It is best to put this on the cardboard tube of the toilet paper!

  • Calcified fittings

Limescale deposits are particularly noticeable on the tap. The metallic fittings should actually shine brilliantly! But you can easily get it back: Take half a lemon and rub the tap with it. Alternatively, you can use some vinegar cleaner and leave it on overnight.

  • Dripping faucet

The best cleaning is useless if the faucet drips and continues to cause limescale stains. The paradox: lime is mostly to blame for the leaking tap! Remove the strainer from the faucet and soak it in a vinegar cleaning solution for a few hours. If this doesn’t help, the problem could be a sealing problem – it’s best to call the plumber here.

  • Dull tiles

We would like a little more glamor here too! To prevent the walls from looking dull and chalky, polish the surface with a mixture of water and vinegar essence in a ratio of 2 to 1. This avoids the use of chemicals and is rewarded with shiny tiles!

Forever: These three zodiac signs have a particularly attractive charisma

These three zodiac signs have a particularly attractive charisma

Among all the signs of the zodiac, there are three that are considered particularly attractive – and will remain so into old age!

Some people just have that certain something, they are surrounded by an aura and they have an amazing charisma . Plus, these lucky ones are gorgeous both inside and out. The best part is: it always stays that way. Here are the three zodiac signs:


Wow, hardly any other zodiac sign is as attractive as Leo! On the one hand, this is due to his great self-confidence and , on the other hand, to his charm, with which he really easily wraps everyone around his finger. Even with increasing age, there is always a touch of glamor and extravagance. In addition, he never lets himself go and values ​​a well-groomed appearance.


This zodiac sign impresses people again and again with its eloquence. In addition, twins always stay young at heart, which makes them look incredibly attractive even at an advanced age. This makes them even more attractive from year to year!


With a scale at your side, you always feel safe. They are very considerate and exude a great calm. In addition, you can easily see how comfortable the astro-sign feels in your body. Their charisma and the attraction they have for their fellow human beings therefore does not decrease with age.

Driving away flies: these are the best home remedies

Driving away flies

Big buzzers in the apartment can rob you of the last nerve – apart from the fact that flies are unsavory as they can be the carrier of many bacteria. We reveal how you can get rid of pests quickly: These are the best home remedies for flies.

Get rid of houseflies with simple home remedies

The uninvited guest likes to sit down on our food with a constant hum: flies are not only annoying, they are also unsavoury. Among other things, they can transmit faecal bacteria and are therefore not particularly desirable in our kitchens. We’ll tell you which home remedies you can use to get rid of flies in no time.

Essential oils

We love smells that flies hate – fortunately. Use bay oil , cloves or eucalyptus oil so that flies don’t even find their way into your four walls.
The soothing, essential oils do not suit the pests at all!
Drape fresh cloves around your home or use concentrated oil that you put on a rag, for example. Alternatively, you can mix the oil with water in a spray bottle and spray it on concrete objects such as the trash can.

Hot spices

Spicy is flying a number too hot – and it keeps them from settling in your apartment. Put some chili powder or cayenne pepper in a bowl of warm water and place it on your windowsill. It has already turned into a deterrent place for flies.

Tomato plants

We love the smell of tomato plants ! But not flying at all. We can make use of that. Put a plant on your balcony or terrace – you have a natural protective shield against the annoying insects. And best of all: You can also harvest fresh tomatoes!

Vinegar water

Another method is the use of vinegar. Admittedly, we don’t like the pungent smell in our home too. But if you are looking for a quick, effective means to scare away settled flies, you will achieve good effects here. Put some vinegar in a bowl and place it in front of the open window. Alternatively, you can simply boil a litre of vinegar in a saucepan – this will spread the whole smell in the apartment.

According to the zodiac sign: This breed of dog is perfect for you

breed of dog is right for you

There are many different breeds of dogs. But which one is best for your zodiac sign? We’ll show you which dog is the perfect companion for your zodiac sign.

Which breed of dog is right for you?

Greyhound, Dalmatian, Pug or German Shepherd? There are so many cute dog breeds, but there has to be the right character between owner and dog. After all, we want a loyal companion by our side. Just as certain character traits are inherent in every zodiac sign , different character traits can also be assigned to dog breeds. In our picture gallery you can find out which dog would be a good match for your zodiac sign! Unfortunately, there is no character description for mixed race. Nevertheless, the owners of a cute mongrel can also click through our gallery, maybe you will find yourself in the character description of your zodiac sign.

Cutlery in the dishwasher: handle up or down?

Cutlery in the dishwasher

Do you put knives, forks, spoons etc. with the handle down in the cutlery tray? Or the other way around? This everyday question divides opinions. But there is actually a very clear answer to this – we reveal the position in which the cutlery really belongs in the dishwasher.

After dinner, we’re always in a hurry to get away. Who likes to do the kitchen? The lucky ones among us at least have a dishwasher so that the dirty plates don’t have to be washed by hand. Then just quickly put it in – done! Or not?

Cutlery in the dishwasher: handle up or down?

Loading the dishwasher properly is sometimes an art in itself. After all, everything should be really clean. And what about the cutlery? The mostly carelessly thrown in food tools often get significantly less attention than bowls, plates and pots. Here, too, a question arises: handle up or down?

While some prefer to have the handle up in order to be able to clear out the cutlery more quickly and without injury later, others argue the opposite. But how does the cutlery really belong in the dishwasher?

Cutlery belongs in the dishwasher this way

In fact, dishwashers with cutlery boxes are designed in such a way that knives, spoons, forks and the like are cleanest with the handle down and the usage side up. If the dirty surfaces stick out of the box at the top, the dishwasher will clean them more thoroughly than if they are hidden in the cutlery basket below . Only sharp knives should be cleared into the machine with the handle facing up to prevent injuries when clearing out or alternatively placed flat in the upper compartment.

Tip: It is best not to wash good knives in the dishwasher, but by hand.

FOR YOU College: What can I expect from the online session?

What can I expect from the online session

Are you interested in the first free online session of FOR YOU College? Then welcome! Here we tell you what you can look forward to at our digital kick-off event on October 8th, 2020.

Gain clarity – and recharge your batteries
Whether it is about uncertainty after years of working life or dealing with time for yourself – everyone can feel that something new is coming up!

Impulse and inspiration, but also coaching and the experiences of other women who are similar, are very important in this phase – for your own well-being and on a professional and private level.

And this is exactly where the FOR YOU College wants to start. For our first FREE online session (click here to register ) on October 8th, 2020, we are expecting exciting guests who have dedicated themselves to the subject of SELFCARE and who would like to share their experiences and tips with you.

To participate, you don’t need any special knowledge or other requirements. Just grab a little time and a smartphone, tablet or computer – because the sessions take place digitally. But be careful: the number of participants is limited to 100!

The program of FÜR SIE College on October 8th, 2020
5:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Digitally via chat and video provider Zoomin – you will receive a link via email in good time, which you only have to click at the specified time to participate
The topic:
SELFCARE – What exactly does selfcare mean and why is it so important? Am I taking good care of myself? Do I know what is good for me? What are routines that can help in everyday life? ( More information here! )
The speakers:
Nicole Staudinger – Health / Reorientation

Susanne Nickel – Coach for personal change
The hosts:
Camilla Rando – SOCIAL MOMS online magazine

Tanya Neufeldt – online magazine SOCIAL MOMS
The guests:
Casy M. Dinsing – Psychologist / Coach

Ulrike Scheuermann – Selfcare psychologist

Luisa Hanke – Mindful success coaching

Camilla and Tanya
Your time:
You have the opportunity to ask your questions to the speakers and to exchange ideas
A “coffee room” then opens – everyone who still needs to speak is invited to come to this interactive room
By the way: All those who cannot be there will have the opportunity to watch the exciting video session afterwards via the YouTube link.

Scary make-up for Halloween

Scary make-up for Halloween

The scariest Halloween costume is only perfect with the right scary make-up. We’ll tell you the best make-up tips for Halloween.

Halloween: The night of horror nights

On the night of October 31st, the spirits awaken. Halloween is no longer just a US hype, it is also very popular in Germany. In America, children traditionally dress up as their favourite creepy characters and go from house to house collecting candy. But adults also love to dress up. We have a few make-up ideas ready for you .

Scary make-up for the perfect costume

Every Halloween costume needs an individual touch, which a mask or disguise alone cannot provide. This is where the horror make-up comes into play. Vampires and all kinds of zombies are particularly popular. The Saw doll also found many followers. The horror clowns in disguise were really scary last year – they made people fear so much that they should be refrained from. Otherwise, the disguise should just look creepy and dark. Keep it simple: use white children’s make-up as a primer, for example. When you kiss your lips, slight dents appear under your cheekbones. Use a brush to paint dark eyeshadow into the caves. But only very easily!

To make the eyes look bloodshot, kohl pencils in shades of red are ideal – apply these vigorously to the waterline of the eye. Then outline your eyes in black. It doesn’t have to be entirely accurate, because you’re supposed to look dead. You can underline the effect with appropriate contact lenses. Your lips make the most impression in black, blood red or white, which gives a special creep factor. Use the same colours for the nails. As a little extra detail, you can paint a spider web on one or more nails. Finally, a little fake blood Apply to the face, neck and hands and everyone will be scared of you. Halloween decorations can also be used to easily make matching accessories and hang them around, put them on your shoulder or something similar.

So the horror make-up lasts longer

There is extra Halloween or theatre make-up. The special make-unpot only lasts significantly longer. Thanks to a large range of utensils, there are no limits to the imagination and special effects. This professional make-up is therefore also used by make-up artists for actors or other artists. Once applied properly, you hardly need to apply any make-up later. So if you want to be undead all night long, you should get the appropriate utensils. It is best to think about what you want to go as beforehand so that you have everything together later. We recommend sketching the make-up on paper beforehand, then you can use the template for make-up later. Those who do not trust the styling or who want to make it particularly easy, use adhesive tattoos: From spiders or scars to horror wounds, you can simply stick them on.

Make up wounds and scars

Small details make the zombie look! What would a zombie or a dead man be without scars or wounds on the face? The professionals use prosthetic gelatine as Halloween make-up to make flesh wounds look totally real. All you have to do is heat transparent gummy bears with a little water in the microwave. But the whole thing shouldn’t boil! To make the wound look really bloody later, you can mix the gummy bears and the water with red food coloring. Test the gelatin on your forearm or hand first to see if it has cooled down enough. Then use a wooden spatula to spread the gelatine onto your face or décolleté. When it cools on the skin, push and squeeze the gelatine into shape as desired. Make-up can then be applied to the wound.

But we have another wound make-up tip for you. Smear some skin glue anywhere on your face. Then crumble some oatmeal on top and press it firmly to the skin. After a minute, the flakes should be set and you can paint the wound with reddish lip gloss. This is guaranteed to look deceptively real!

For scar make-up you need colloid, which you can get in the pharmacy or on the Internet. First, clean your skin with alcohol. Then spread the colloid on the skin with a brush and let it dry. The “scar” can be easily peeled off the skin again.

Making fake blood

Do you want the wounds to get really bloody? Or do you want to dress up as a vampire? Then we have just the thing for you – the fake blood recipe from Robert Schemer. You will need a small bottle of caramel, red food colouring and a drop of washing-up liquid. Mix all the ingredients together and carefully bring the mixture to the desired consistency with water. Then you can apply the artificial blood to the artificial wounds or the skin and smear yourself with it as you wish.