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That is why your moon sign is more important than your zodiac sign

That is why your moon sign is more important than your zodiac sign

Almost everyone knows his zodiac sign, but what about the moon sign? It is much less known, although the moon sign affects us at least as much, if not more deeply! We’ll tell you what it’s all about.

What is my moon sign?

In contrast to the regular sign of the zodiac, also known as the sun sign, we cannot determine our moon sign simply from our date of birth. Since it reveals in which constellation the moon was at the time of our birth, it is also necessary to state our time of birth and the time zone. After all, the position of the moon changes much faster than that of the sun.

If you have this information ready, you can easily determine your moon sign using an online calculator.

Our moon sign reveals this about our character

Some people check their horoscope daily, others weekly or monthly. Above all, it tells us things about our conscious side, our everyday life, and the rational decisions we make.

So what is the difference between the moon sign? This in turn tells us mainly about our subconscious. The moon sign affects our hidden side and says a lot about our feelings, intuition, and emotions.

So if you want to understand yourself more deeply, you should definitely look at your moon sign in addition to your zodiac sign.

These are the most jealous zodiac signs ever

These are the most jealous zodiac signs ever

Whether someone tends to be jealous or not can also be due to the zodiac sign. These are the most jealous representatives of the twelve signs of the zodiac.


Taurus is considered to be loyal and reliable friends. But they are also totally sensitive. Anyone who has abused their trust must expect that they will hold that against them forever. The zodiac sign is extremely proud. In addition, if the Taurus does not get enough attention, it can become very jealous. He prefers to have his partner to himself and doesn’t like it at all when he doesn’t give him full attention.


Passionate and emotional: that’s Scorpios. The romantic zodiac sign is a real relationship person to whom a harmonious partnership is very important. The Scorpio himself is fully involved in a relationship and expects the same from his partner. He becomes jealous quickly if the partner does not give him their full attention. The Astro-Sign also often finds it difficult to trust someone, which can then become a problem in their relationships.


This zodiac sign is known for its angelic patience. However, this is also exhausted at some point. Twins can get pretty jealous. Especially if you give them cause for mistrust. If twins in the partnership feel that they cannot trust their partner, they let him feel it very clearly. Open communication is therefore particularly important.

No postage? You can still send letters with this trick

You can still send letters with this trick

We all know that: You want to send a letter quickly, but you have no more postage in the house. Extra for the post? Nope! We’ll reveal a convenient trick that all you need is your cell phone.

Whether on the road or at home: Sometimes we just want to drop a letter quickly, but we don’t have a stamp. There is a cool trick to get Porto straight away, but one that is not known to many. We explain how you can do this easily and conveniently, no matter where you are. All you need is a cell phone and a pen.

Cell phone postage: It’s that easy

Grab your smartphone and send an SMS to Deutsche Post’s service number 22122 with the subject “Letter” or “Postcard”. You will then be sent a twelve-digit code via SMS, which you simply write in the stamp field on the envelope or card in the top right corner. Super practical, the shipment is now franked and you can throw your letter in the next postcards.

The postage is the way to your phone bill settled. The only downer: Using the mobile phone postage is significantly more expensive than buying a conventional postage stamp and is therefore perhaps more suitable for emergencies – or when things have to go very quickly. The mobile phone postage for a standard letter costs 1.19 euros, 39 cents more than a paper postage stamp from a machine. Depending on the respective cell phone contract, there may be additional costs for the order SMS, according to Deutsche Post.

Note: Parcels and small packages cannot be sent via mobile phone postage.

4 tips for accident-free cycling in autumn and winter

4 tips for accident-free cycling in autumn and winter

In autumn and winter, the risk of accidents increases when cycling due to darkness, poor visibility or slippery roads. In addition, because of Corona, a particularly large number of people in the cities use the bike for trips to work or for private errands. An expert from ERGO gives safety tips on how best to get through the dark and wet season.

The right lighting

In order to ensure the safety of cyclists, there are legal regulations for sufficient bicycle lighting that are regulated in the road traffic regulations. After all, it is important to avoid accidents. “A white front light and a red rear light are mandatory,” says Dimitar Gouberkov, an accident expert at ERGO. Anyone who does not comply with these standards can expect a fine of 20 euros.

Tip: Additional LED lamps on the helmet improve visibility, but they are not mandatory.

Light-colored clothing and safety vests

Dark clothing is popular in the cold season, but other road users can hardly recognize you as a cyclist – this increases the risk of accidents massively! Therefore, wear light-colored clothing or a reflective safety vest when cycling. Reflector tapes are also suitable. Incidentally, these safety measures are recommended for all people who move outside in the dark (joggers, walkers).

Safe tires

When it is wet, but especially due to falling leaves as well as snow/slush, cycling can become a real slide in autumn and winter. You should therefore drive at a moderate pace and avoid rapid braking and steering maneuvers. Also, keep a sufficient distance from other road users so that you have sufficient braking distance. Particularly recommended: As for cars, there are also winter tires for wheels that have a deeper profile for more grip, i.e. traction. “Alternatively, cyclists can simply let some air out of the tires: This increases the surface area and the bike gets more grip on the road,” says accident expert Gouberkov.

Tips for e-bike riders

Because batteries lose their performance in the cold and wet, they should be protected as much as possible in autumn and winter. According to Gouberkov, it is best to park the e-bike in a dry and warm environment when the temperature is below freezing, or to take the battery with you to the office or home.

this is how the Halloween pumpkin will last – 6 Amazing Tips

6 Tips For Halloween

Carved pumpkins are part of the basic Halloween equipment and ensure the right mood. But like any other food, the pumpkin is perishable. So that you can have fun with the funny pumpkin faces even longer this year, we have six simple tips to extend the shelf life of the pumpkins.

Which pumpkin to carve?

Such a pumpkin is a nice thing, especially on Halloween. Because it tastes not only delicious, in the form of cracks from the oven or as soup, but can also be carved into creepy faces. The following varieties are best for this:

Butternut squash
Nutmeg Pumpkin
Halloween pumpkin
All large, orange-colored pumpkins that are suitable for carving are referred to as Halloween pumpkins. They mainly belong to the group of garden pumpkins such as “Rocket”, “Aspen” or “Early Harvest”. But giant pumpkins such as the “Rote Zentner” are also suitable for carving scary faces. Ornamental pumpkins are not so good for grimaces and creepy faces because they are too small for that. But you can still hollow them out and use them as decorative lanterns, for example.

Pumpkin is an uncomplicated vegetable that can be kept for up to eight months if stored in a cool place. However, if it is carved out and turned into a Halloween pumpkin, it will significantly reduce its durability. The reason for this are bacteria that work in the pumpkin as soon as its protective shell is damaged. In other words, as soon as we have made funny faces in the pumpkin with the knife, it turns from one of the most durable edible plants into a vegetable that threatens to spoil quickly within a few days. To protect the pumpkins from the mold for a period of time (max 14 days), you can preserve them using the following methods.

6 tips for the durable Halloween pumpkin

Tip 1: wash the pumpkin. Wash the pumpkin thoroughly before using the knife. This will prevent small microorganisms and bacteria from attacking the inside of the pumpkin as soon as it is cut. Since the pumpkin should not be eaten, use a mild soapy solution.

Tip 2: Use a preservative protective spray (pumpkin spray). With just a few ingredients, you can make a spray at home that will make the pumpkin durable. For this you need:

100 ml hydrogen peroxide
100 ml of water
10-20 drops of lemon oil
To make the pumpkin last longer, you need to hollow it out. To do this, remove all of the pulp. Make sure to use well-cleaned tools for this! Then spray it from the inside to preserve it. Don’t forget the interfaces, because these two have to be made durable. If this is too time-consuming for you, you can also use acrylic varnish or hairspray. You proceed in the same way.

Tip 3: Another great trick to keep the pumpkin fresh as long as possible is the following: Make a mixture of water and lemon juice, in a ratio of 1 to 1. This should fill a bucket into which the hollowed-out pumpkin fits. Put it in the mixture and let it steep for about half an hour. The acidity of the lemon juice works to destroy any leftover organisms that cause the pumpkin to decay.

Tip 4: Apply a protective layer of Vaseline. Vaseline not only cares for our skin, but it also protects that of the pumpkin. If the interfaces are sprayed with the protective spray and also smeared with a layer of Vaseline, the pumpkin will last significantly longer.

Tip 5: Even if you use diluted bleach, you are killing organisms. Carefully spray the pumpkin with it or place it in a sufficiently large bucket with the bleach and water mixture. This should be so big that the pumpkin is completely covered with the liquid.

Tip 6: Pure nature – some swear by drying the pumpkin for preservation. It is hung up so that the moisture evaporates. But that means that this has to be tackled many weeks before carving because the pumpkin has to dry out as a whole. Once it has been hollowed out and or otherwise scratched, the process of decay begins. With a giant pumpkin, however, that is not possible in terms of time. Try this method with smaller Hokkaido or ornamental pumpkins – these contain less liquid anyway.

Smelly sportswear: 4 tips against bad smells

Smelly sportswear

It is not surprising that the clothes smell like sports. However, it is stupid if the bad smell is still there even after washing. We reveal a few tricks that help against sweat odor and Co.

Goodbye sweat smell: use the right detergent

If you often wash your sports gear with color detergent, you risk that it will no longer be properly cleaned. Instead, it is better to use a heavy-duty detergent. This contains a proportion of bleach, which works against odors. A special sports detergent can also be a solution. In addition, the machine should not be overloaded when washing sportswear.

Vinegar as a home remedy for smelly sportswear

Mix vinegar essence and water in a ratio of 1: 4 (one part vinegar essence and four parts water). Soak the sportswear in it for a few hours. Then you can put the things in the washing machine. By the way, a practical side effect of vinegar is that it not only counteracts the smell of sweat caused by bacteria but also removes sweat stains.

Wash sports shoes and sports bags regularly

First of all, you should empty your gym bag immediately after training so that it doesn’t start to smell. We should also clean our gym bags regularly. The same applies to sports shoes. If necessary, these can be washed in the washing machine on the delicate or wool wash program or by hand. Before the shoes go into the washing machine, always pay attention to the care instructions on the labels, because many sports shoes are not allowed in the machine because the glue or the seams, for example, can come off.

Use suitable materials as a preventive measure

When it comes to outdoor sportswear for colder days, such as long underwear or functional shirts, it is advisable to use merino wool instead of synthetic fibers. Merino wool is a natural product and warms us even when the fibers get damp. In addition, the wool should even remain odorless. You can wash items made of merino wool at 30 to 40 degrees.

Stylish and inexpensive: All Hollywood stars love this mask


Whether celebrity, president, or normal person: This year, during the corona pandemic, we all have to wear a mask. A certain label caught the attention of Hollywood stars. We’ll show you which mouthguards are currently very popular with celebrities.

No matter who we are – this summer we will all be wearing the same, indispensable accessory: the mouth and nose mask! The necessary protective measure has been transformed into a fashionable eye-catcher with its pretty designs over time.
One brand received a lot of attention. More and more often we see Hollywood celebrities in the stylish fabric masks from Masqd.

J.Lo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Wilde: everyone loves this mask label

Jennifer Lopez playing golf, supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio walking the dog, Hollywood couple Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas strolling through LA, actress Olivia Wilde, supermodel Bella Hadid, actress Sarah Jessica Parker – these are just a few of the big names, fans of the stylish Masks from Masqd are.

No wonder, because the light, antibacterial cotton is not only super soft and comfortable but also cares for our skin and prevents impurities. Masqd also offers masks made of linen or more unusual models made of silk. There is also a large selection of unique designs – everyone will find the right mask to give their outfit a stylish eye-catcher. Best of all, most Masqd cloth masks are available for as little as $ 20! The celebrities are by no means decadent in their choice, but really down to earth. Top!

The American company delivers worldwide, but for a flat rate of another 20 dollars. Here, however, both delivery fee and tax and duty are included. And if you order several masks at once, it’s really worth it!

Even more fashionable fabric masks

Drain stinks: these home remedies will help

Drain stinks

Whether in the bathroom or in the kitchen, when there’s smelly from the drain, that’s pretty disgusting. However, you do not always have to reach for the chemical club, you can also declare war on the stench with home remedies.

The bad smell from the drain is mostly due to leftover food, grease, hair, or product residues from shampoo, etc. All of this settles in the drain pipe and forms an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Here are three home remedies that work against the stink from the drain.

Against the stink from the drain: salt

Salt has a neutralizing effect on the bad smell from the drain pipe. Put two tablespoons of salt straight down the drain and let it sit for two hours. Then rinse the drain thoroughly with cold water.

Baking powder and vinegar declare war on bad smells

Baking soda is a popular home remedy that has proven itself in many areas. In combination with vinegar, the baking soda removes the foul smell from the drain. First pour three tablespoons of baking soda and then half a cup of vinegar down the drain. Then immediately place a cloth over the drain. Baking soda and vinegar react chemically with each other, which you can hear by the bubbling noises from the drain pipe. Now, wait for 10 to 15 minutes until the mixture has foamed. Then rinse the drain with hot water.

Cola as a home remedy

Cola is also a popular skincare product in the fight against bad odors. Pour one liter of it into the drainpipe and let the cola soak in overnight. The phosphoric acid contained in the cola etches away the deposits in the pipe. Rinse with hot water the next morning.

Tip: You should use drain filters to prevent bad smells from developing in the first place. These catch food scraps and hair before they go down the drain.

According to the horoscope: These 3 zodiac signs are the neatest

These 3 zodiac signs are the neatest

For some people, the apartment always looks sparkling clean and tidy. We’ll tell you which three zodiac signs are particularly tidy.

These are the 3 neatest zodiac signs

While chaos reigns for some and cleaning are not very important, other signs of the zodiac only feel comfortable in a tidy apartment. Everything has to have its place and you won’t find any clothes or objects flying around here. We reveal which three Astro signs order is of great importance.


Crabs are extremely important to their own four walls and they make themselves really comfortable there. They also love to be at home and like to decorate. Since they spend a lot of time at home, cleanliness and order are very important to Krebs. They don’t like it at all when things are lying around and the harmonious overall picture is destroyed as a result. Cleaning and tidying up are part of the daily routine for crabs. This way, dust bunnies, and Co. don’t stand a chance!


A surprise visit is not a problem for a virgin because her apartment always looks like it was peeled from an egg. Clutter and dirt are a horror to her. The zodiac sign is considered a perfectionist and that is also reflected in her apartment. Everything is always neatly stowed in its place and nowhere is a speck of dust to be seen.


Libras could never live in chaos as they abhor clutter. The zodiac sign has a good taste and attaches great importance to a stylishly furnished apartment. Dirt and dust have no place there, which is why scales constantly whirl around the apartment with feather dusters, vacuum cleaners, and the like. After all, everything must always be in order!

Meghan Markle: The Duchess likes these trendy sneakers

Meghan Markle

Lead by example – the trend sneakers that Meghan Markle loves so much not only look great, they are also sustainably produced. And this is the absolute IT SNEAKER!

Sustainable fashion – more and more important

The awareness of sustainable fashion is growing slowly but steadily because more and more people understand what “fast fashion” means for people and the environment. This can also be proven in figures, because according to the search engines and rating platforms Lyst and Good on You, the demand for sustainable fashion rose by 37 percent in February 2019/2020. A McKinsey study also confirms the trend: for two-thirds of the people surveyed, it is always important to keep their own ecological footprint low and to rethink.

Meghan Markle loves this sneaker

As is so often the case, things need a draft horse to get going. So it’s great that style role models like Meghan Markle show how great sustainable fashion can look. She currently loves the white Veja Campo sneakers with the curved side V made of vegan leather – and it’s not just the former “Suits” actress, because according to Lyst, these are the most popular sustainable sneakers in 2020.

The label was founded in 2004 with the aim of producing stylish sneakers that are suitable for everyday use. But sustainable with materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, or vegan leather. The material CWL is used for this, a cotton bond that is waxed with resin and corn waste from the food industry.

And this is how you wear the Veja Campo sneaker

The white sneaker with the V on the side goes naturally with many styles: whether casual with jeans or shorts or sporty with a mini skirt. Style breaks are still popular, so you can wear the Veja Campo sneaker with a summer dress or pencil skirt. Just try it out and find your personal, perfect look!