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Driving away flies: these are the best home remedies

Driving away flies

Big buzzers in the apartment can rob you of the last nerve – apart from the fact that flies are unsavory as they can be the carrier of many bacteria. We reveal how you can get rid of pests quickly: These are the best home remedies for flies.

Get rid of houseflies with simple home remedies

The uninvited guest likes to sit down on our food with a constant hum: flies are not only annoying, they are also unsavoury. Among other things, they can transmit faecal bacteria and are therefore not particularly desirable in our kitchens. We’ll tell you which home remedies you can use to get rid of flies in no time.

Essential oils

We love smells that flies hate – fortunately. Use bay oil , cloves or eucalyptus oil so that flies don’t even find their way into your four walls.
The soothing, essential oils do not suit the pests at all!
Drape fresh cloves around your home or use concentrated oil that you put on a rag, for example. Alternatively, you can mix the oil with water in a spray bottle and spray it on concrete objects such as the trash can.

Hot spices

Spicy is flying a number too hot – and it keeps them from settling in your apartment. Put some chili powder or cayenne pepper in a bowl of warm water and place it on your windowsill. It has already turned into a deterrent place for flies.

Tomato plants

We love the smell of tomato plants ! But not flying at all. We can make use of that. Put a plant on your balcony or terrace – you have a natural protective shield against the annoying insects. And best of all: You can also harvest fresh tomatoes!

Vinegar water

Another method is the use of vinegar. Admittedly, we don’t like the pungent smell in our home too. But if you are looking for a quick, effective means to scare away settled flies, you will achieve good effects here. Put some vinegar in a bowl and place it in front of the open window. Alternatively, you can simply boil a litre of vinegar in a saucepan – this will spread the whole smell in the apartment.

According to the zodiac sign: This breed of dog is perfect for you

breed of dog is right for you

There are many different breeds of dogs. But which one is best for your zodiac sign? We’ll show you which dog is the perfect companion for your zodiac sign.

Which breed of dog is right for you?

Greyhound, Dalmatian, Pug or German Shepherd? There are so many cute dog breeds, but there has to be the right character between owner and dog. After all, we want a loyal companion by our side. Just as certain character traits are inherent in every zodiac sign , different character traits can also be assigned to dog breeds. In our picture gallery you can find out which dog would be a good match for your zodiac sign! Unfortunately, there is no character description for mixed race. Nevertheless, the owners of a cute mongrel can also click through our gallery, maybe you will find yourself in the character description of your zodiac sign.

Cutlery in the dishwasher: handle up or down?

Cutlery in the dishwasher

Do you put knives, forks, spoons etc. with the handle down in the cutlery tray? Or the other way around? This everyday question divides opinions. But there is actually a very clear answer to this – we reveal the position in which the cutlery really belongs in the dishwasher.

After dinner, we’re always in a hurry to get away. Who likes to do the kitchen? The lucky ones among us at least have a dishwasher so that the dirty plates don’t have to be washed by hand. Then just quickly put it in – done! Or not?

Cutlery in the dishwasher: handle up or down?

Loading the dishwasher properly is sometimes an art in itself. After all, everything should be really clean. And what about the cutlery? The mostly carelessly thrown in food tools often get significantly less attention than bowls, plates and pots. Here, too, a question arises: handle up or down?

While some prefer to have the handle up in order to be able to clear out the cutlery more quickly and without injury later, others argue the opposite. But how does the cutlery really belong in the dishwasher?

Cutlery belongs in the dishwasher this way

In fact, dishwashers with cutlery boxes are designed in such a way that knives, spoons, forks and the like are cleanest with the handle down and the usage side up. If the dirty surfaces stick out of the box at the top, the dishwasher will clean them more thoroughly than if they are hidden in the cutlery basket below . Only sharp knives should be cleared into the machine with the handle facing up to prevent injuries when clearing out or alternatively placed flat in the upper compartment.

Tip: It is best not to wash good knives in the dishwasher, but by hand.

FOR YOU College: What can I expect from the online session?

What can I expect from the online session

Are you interested in the first free online session of FOR YOU College? Then welcome! Here we tell you what you can look forward to at our digital kick-off event on October 8th, 2020.

Gain clarity – and recharge your batteries
Whether it is about uncertainty after years of working life or dealing with time for yourself – everyone can feel that something new is coming up!

Impulse and inspiration, but also coaching and the experiences of other women who are similar, are very important in this phase – for your own well-being and on a professional and private level.

And this is exactly where the FOR YOU College wants to start. For our first FREE online session (click here to register ) on October 8th, 2020, we are expecting exciting guests who have dedicated themselves to the subject of SELFCARE and who would like to share their experiences and tips with you.

To participate, you don’t need any special knowledge or other requirements. Just grab a little time and a smartphone, tablet or computer – because the sessions take place digitally. But be careful: the number of participants is limited to 100!

The program of FÜR SIE College on October 8th, 2020
5:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Digitally via chat and video provider Zoomin – you will receive a link via email in good time, which you only have to click at the specified time to participate
The topic:
SELFCARE – What exactly does selfcare mean and why is it so important? Am I taking good care of myself? Do I know what is good for me? What are routines that can help in everyday life? ( More information here! )
The speakers:
Nicole Staudinger – Health / Reorientation

Susanne Nickel – Coach for personal change
The hosts:
Camilla Rando – SOCIAL MOMS online magazine

Tanya Neufeldt – online magazine SOCIAL MOMS
The guests:
Casy M. Dinsing – Psychologist / Coach

Ulrike Scheuermann – Selfcare psychologist

Luisa Hanke – Mindful success coaching

Camilla and Tanya
Your time:
You have the opportunity to ask your questions to the speakers and to exchange ideas
A “coffee room” then opens – everyone who still needs to speak is invited to come to this interactive room
By the way: All those who cannot be there will have the opportunity to watch the exciting video session afterwards via the YouTube link.

Scary make-up for Halloween

Scary make-up for Halloween

The scariest Halloween costume is only perfect with the right scary make-up. We’ll tell you the best make-up tips for Halloween.

Halloween: The night of horror nights

On the night of October 31st, the spirits awaken. Halloween is no longer just a US hype, it is also very popular in Germany. In America, children traditionally dress up as their favourite creepy characters and go from house to house collecting candy. But adults also love to dress up. We have a few make-up ideas ready for you .

Scary make-up for the perfect costume

Every Halloween costume needs an individual touch, which a mask or disguise alone cannot provide. This is where the horror make-up comes into play. Vampires and all kinds of zombies are particularly popular. The Saw doll also found many followers. The horror clowns in disguise were really scary last year – they made people fear so much that they should be refrained from. Otherwise, the disguise should just look creepy and dark. Keep it simple: use white children’s make-up as a primer, for example. When you kiss your lips, slight dents appear under your cheekbones. Use a brush to paint dark eyeshadow into the caves. But only very easily!

To make the eyes look bloodshot, kohl pencils in shades of red are ideal – apply these vigorously to the waterline of the eye. Then outline your eyes in black. It doesn’t have to be entirely accurate, because you’re supposed to look dead. You can underline the effect with appropriate contact lenses. Your lips make the most impression in black, blood red or white, which gives a special creep factor. Use the same colours for the nails. As a little extra detail, you can paint a spider web on one or more nails. Finally, a little fake blood Apply to the face, neck and hands and everyone will be scared of you. Halloween decorations can also be used to easily make matching accessories and hang them around, put them on your shoulder or something similar.

So the horror make-up lasts longer

There is extra Halloween or theatre make-up. The special make-unpot only lasts significantly longer. Thanks to a large range of utensils, there are no limits to the imagination and special effects. This professional make-up is therefore also used by make-up artists for actors or other artists. Once applied properly, you hardly need to apply any make-up later. So if you want to be undead all night long, you should get the appropriate utensils. It is best to think about what you want to go as beforehand so that you have everything together later. We recommend sketching the make-up on paper beforehand, then you can use the template for make-up later. Those who do not trust the styling or who want to make it particularly easy, use adhesive tattoos: From spiders or scars to horror wounds, you can simply stick them on.

Make up wounds and scars

Small details make the zombie look! What would a zombie or a dead man be without scars or wounds on the face? The professionals use prosthetic gelatine as Halloween make-up to make flesh wounds look totally real. All you have to do is heat transparent gummy bears with a little water in the microwave. But the whole thing shouldn’t boil! To make the wound look really bloody later, you can mix the gummy bears and the water with red food coloring. Test the gelatin on your forearm or hand first to see if it has cooled down enough. Then use a wooden spatula to spread the gelatine onto your face or décolleté. When it cools on the skin, push and squeeze the gelatine into shape as desired. Make-up can then be applied to the wound.

But we have another wound make-up tip for you. Smear some skin glue anywhere on your face. Then crumble some oatmeal on top and press it firmly to the skin. After a minute, the flakes should be set and you can paint the wound with reddish lip gloss. This is guaranteed to look deceptively real!

For scar make-up you need colloid, which you can get in the pharmacy or on the Internet. First, clean your skin with alcohol. Then spread the colloid on the skin with a brush and let it dry. The “scar” can be easily peeled off the skin again.

Making fake blood

Do you want the wounds to get really bloody? Or do you want to dress up as a vampire? Then we have just the thing for you – the fake blood recipe from Robert Schemer. You will need a small bottle of caramel, red food colouring and a drop of washing-up liquid. Mix all the ingredients together and carefully bring the mixture to the desired consistency with water. Then you can apply the artificial blood to the artificial wounds or the skin and smear yourself with it as you wish.

In love or love? You can tell the difference by these signs

Signs of being in love

Are these still butterflies in your stomach or is that already love? You can tell the difference by these signs!

Signs of being in love

The partner is constantly haunted in our heads, we meet our environment with a permanent grin on our face and would like to tell everyone about the new love – these are clear signs of being in love. Also inner restlessness or excitement as well as loss of appetite indicate that you are totally crazy about HIM. Lovers also feel a deep longing when the lover is not around. How could it be otherwise, the hormones are to blame for the inner restlessness. More precisely, a mixture of serotonin and dopamine.

When the loved one is nearby, those in love often experience physical signs, such as palpitations or weak knees. In the phase of falling in love, however, most of them still hide a lot from their partner and do not yet trust them one hundred percent. Also, lovers are often not completely honest with their partner. Because they want to present themselves from their best side, they still hide things from each other.

This is how you can tell that it is love

After the first phase of being in love, the partners create more and more trust in each other in addition to the feelings described above. A close bond develops between the two people. In addition, lovers are more honest and tolerant with each other than lovers. During this phase, the hormone oxytocin, which is also known as the “bonding or cuddling hormone”, is released to a greater extent. This hormone strengthens the bond between partners, ensures that we build trust in the other and reduces stress and aggression.

3 zodiac signs that every man has

3 zodiac signs that every man has

They do exist, these vamps who show up at a party and turn every man’s head. Stupid if your own flirtation disappears into thin air – these 3 zodiac signs can really have every man!

Gemini (May 21 to June 21)

The eloquent Gemini-Lady quickly engages the gentlemen in a conversation – one look deep into the eyes and it’s all over to them. Men have the feeling that they can simply tell the Gemini lady everything. The question “To me or to you?” Is usually not long in coming.

These zodiac chains from Good. Designs are very popular.

Leo (July 23rd to August 23rd)

The Lion Lady conquers her territory elegantly like a big cat. While you are looking around to see who is in your favour today, the gentlemen are already standing in line: each and every one of them would love to be the prey. They are simply powerless against the erotic charisma of the Leo Lady.

Scorpio (October 24th to November 22nd)

The Scorpio Lady has something dark and mysterious about her, which magically pulls the lords of creation under her spell. When she enters the room, it literally tingles. Every man immediately wants to find out what the lady is all about and immediately vies for her favour.

Astro fans also love this paperback by Liz Greene: “Tell me your zodiac sign and I’ll tell you how you love”.

These 5 zodiac signs have the most humour

5 zodiac signs have the most humour

Always a brisk saying in stock and not at a joke – these 4 zodiac signs really have a lot of humour and go through life in a good mood.

Taurus (April 21 to May 21)

The zodiac sign likes to laugh for its life – but the zodiac sign also makes others laugh with its pun, so that everyone has a good time. The Taurus himself loves rough humour every now and then, but is also open to fine wit and sarcasm – therefore Virgo and Taurus get along particularly well.

Sagittarius (November 23rd and December 21st)

The Sagittarius usually hits the mark with his humour. The relaxed zodiac sign just likes to laugh and sweeps others away with its good mood. If it’s going to be a fun evening, then Sagittarius shouldn’t be missing. The zodiac sign can even wrap up critical points in a humorous way – so read between the lines from time to time!

These zodiac chains from Good. Designs are very popular.

Gemini (May 21 to June 22)

The extroverted twin is a real solo entertainer – and super humorous at the same time. He can juggle words masterfully and entertain an entire team. Resistance is futile: the zodiac sign is so funny and thrilling that you just have to laugh along!

Astro fans also love this paperback by Liz Greene: “Tell me your zodiac sign and I’ll tell you how you love”.

Virgo (August 24th to September 23rd)

Still waters run deep – and virgins are super funny too. The profound and intelligent zodiac sign spices its humor with a pinch of sarcasm and makes people smile. One can also say: The virgin is the aesthetic spirit of humor!

Scorpio (October 24th to November 22nd)

Allow? Sarcasm my name! Scorpios like to be carried away with a cynical joke. That way you will quickly have the laughs on your side. The one at whose expense the brisk spell was made may only feel the sting of the scorpion.

Cleaning silver jewellery: 4 tips to make it shine again!

Cleaning silver jewellery

We love our silver jewellery. However, it usually happens sooner or later that it tarnishes or loses its shine. We have 4 ingenious tips on how you can easily clean silver jewellery at home.

Grandma’s heirloom or our favourite necklace that we got for our wedding day. We often associate jewellery with memories and never leave the house without it. Unfortunately, silver jewellery at some point looks dull and dull or it tarnishes. These 4 tricks and home remedies will give you a fresh shine in no time!

Silver jewellery clean with toothpaste

We would never have guessed: With the help of toothpaste , our jewellery should look like new again! Put some of the paste on a fresh toothbrush and use it to clean the jewellery. Then wash the silver jewellery under clear water and dry it with a cloth. Then dispose of the toothbrush in the trash.

Silver cleaning cloth for more shine

We can’t go wrong with a standard silver cleaning cloth. Simply run it over the dirty piece of jewellery. In the case of delicate chains or elaborately crafted pieces, however, we may not get all parts polished. Nevertheless, this method is quick and definitely worth a try! Buy a well-rated cloth here.

Home remedy: potato

Cut a raw potato in half and rub one of them over your jewellery. This cleaning method is best for solid silver jewellery.

Clean the silver with aluminium foil and salt

Important: This cleaning method is only suitable for silver jewellery without gemstones. Embedded stones could be irreversibly damaged. In addition, the method should only be used on heavily soiled silver.

Grab a small bowl, line it with some aluminium foil and put the jewellery inside. Now add a teaspoon of salt and hot water. Wait 2 to 3 minutes and then rinse everything with clean cold water. Now put the jewellery on a soft cloth and let it dry. The silver now shines in a new shine!

If an unpleasant smell of sulphur sets in during this time, this is due to the chemical reaction between the aluminium foil and the silver. Therefore ventilate sufficiently!

These zodiac signs are quite aggressive


Can you turn a mosquito into an elephant? And do you love to provoke others? Some people are simply looking for confrontation – these zodiac signs are particularly argumentative.


Yes, who would have thought that – the balanced Libra likes to break one or the other argument off the fence. But that simply has to do with the fact that the honest zodiac sign cannot keep its opinion back. Since she is concerned about balance and justice, everyone gets their fat!


Spirited people tend to let it rip. However, this zodiac sign tends to have a certain lust for conflict, which it does not hide in the worst-case scenario. Once the ram has sharpened its horns, things can really get down to business!


Virgo is also such a little wolf in sheep’s clothing – the very eloquent zodiac sign likes to let others know that it is mentally superior to them. This can of course provoke a lot of arguments, which the Virgo enjoys. This zodiac sign just loves emotional challenges!