Tricks to clean the plastic pool in your house


Mold and algae tend to accumulate and bacteria that are harmful to health can appear

The plastic pools removable are ideal to beat the heat of summer. They are enjoyed by children and also by the elderly. However, many do not usually have filters or purifiers, so dirt tends to accumulate easily and bacteria that are harmful to health can appear. Therefore, it is advisable to clean them frequently.

It is enough to have a disinfectant par excellence on hands such as white vinegar, bleach, clean water, and dish soap. These are the simple steps to get your pool ready:

First of all, the dirty water must be emptied from the inflatable pool and immediately afterward to start cleaning it. It is best to do it quickly to prevent more algae or mold from appearing. The more time that passes, the more all that dirt will adhere to the surface and the more it will cost to remove.

Just fill a container with water and a few drops of white vinegar. With a cloth, proceed to clean the entire pool, especially rubbing the areas where there is more accumulated dirt. An alternative to white vinegar is dishwasher soap, especially because the smell it gives off is more pleasant.

In addition to the usual clothes, root brushes can always be used with care not to damage the plastic and avoid the dreaded punctures or tears.

If the pool has not been cleaned in a long time and a lot of dirt has accumulated, a mixture of water and bleach should be used. More specifically, dilute one part of bleach in three parts of water and proceed to clean the walls and the bottom of the pool with a cloth. Apart from these home remedies, you can also opt for special products such as anti-algae.

Once the cleaning of the entire pool is finished, it is important to rinse it well with plenty of water to remove all the remains of the mixture that has been used. It is best to do it with a pressure hose. In any case, it should be clarified several times.
In addition, it is recommended to have a filter to avoid having to change the water constantly. This system, which usually has sand, will help eliminate the dirt that remains at the bottom of the pool.

Other products that help make the water transparent are chlorine – liquid, in tablets or powder -, salt to disinfect the water and active oxygen , which acts on the organic remains of the water. The latter is also found in both pills and liquid.

Once the summer is over and it is time to collect the pool for good until next year, it is always better to keep it clean and dry.


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