Tricks to clean the carpet without a vacuum cleaner


We show you how to leave the perfect rugs, without the need for a vacuum cleaner

The carpets are one of the decorative elements that give more service, but they are also one of those who accumulate more dirt. Therefore, using homemade tricks may be the best solution to keep it as clean as possible.

The vacuum cleaner is usually a great ally to carry out this domestic task. However, you can also clean any carpet without using it. You don’t have or your vacuum cleaner has broken but you need to clean your carpet? Don’t worry, there are several ways to keep your carpet clean and perfect.

Next, we tell you several tricks to clean the carpet without having to have a vacuum cleaner at home.

Materials to clean a carpet without a vacuum:

– Liquid detergent

– Bristle brush

– Hot water

– rag
– Towel

– Clean broom

Cleaning carpet without using a vacuum cleaner step by step:

– We take out the carpet and take it to a spacious place where we can work with it. First, we shake it to get as much dust out of it as possible.

– With the clean broom, we sweep the entire surface to remove the dust. If you want, you can use a lint roller to leave the carpet impeccable.

– Next, we use the bristle brush, rubbing the entire carpet with it. If we dedicate time and effort to it, it will be clean and great.

– To clean stains, it is best to mix the liquid soap with the hot water in a spray bottle. With it, we spray the mixture over the stain and, with the cloth, rub to remove the dirt.

– If you want a more thorough cleaning, with the bristle brush and hot water with detergent, you can rub all the material in order to remove all the dirt and stains that may be there. Remember that you should have little detergent since otherwise, we can rinse the carpet.

– Finally, let it dry in the shade since if we leave it in the sun there may be marks.


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