The trends that will cause a sensation for the kitchen


The design of these spaces tends to be more electric and practical and moves away from minimalism

The kitchen design garnishes and this year tends to be more eclectic and practical favoring customizing spaces according to the tastes and needs. Comfortable kitchens in which design is at the service of home design. Many kitchens are integrated into the living rooms and become one of the most used spaces in the house.

Practical kitchens whose design must take into account the available space but also with the needs of each family. Kitchens are prepared for their main mission, which is always to make food but also to bring the whole family together around a table for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We are going to talk about five trends for 2020 that are being imposed in designer kitchens that will surely surprise you.

Forget the shooters

This year the classic handles on the doors of cabinets and drawers disappear. Nothing modern or vintage handles like in other seasons. Most of the electrical appliances incorporate a handle on their doors and we can also find integrated handles on the sides or in the upper band of doors and drawers. The reason for this elimination or integration of the handles is that the kitchen furniture is intended to resemble those in the living room. A trend that comes when opening the kitchens and eliminating partitions by adding the kitchen to other spaces in the house such as the living room.

Black furniture

The latest trend in design is kitchen furniture in black. A very original piece of furniture that is usually combined with golden taps, betting on style and elegance. Also for those who are not comfortable with a total black kitchen, you can add black details such as the countertop and leave gold for the taps and lamps. Even the combination of furniture in white or light tones with black details is always in fashion.

Diversity in lamps

Another novelty is that kitchen lamps of all styles are brought from the most modern and innovative to those that provide a vintage touch. The kitchens this 2020 surprise with all kinds of lamps from the hanging ceiling to the most varied wall lights. The important thing is that the light illuminates areas such as the dining table or the worktop that need extra lighting to be able to work in the kitchen.

Bet on wood

Wood is a classic material that triumphs in the design of kitchens every year. It can be applied to floors, walls, countertops, and even kitchen furniture. The natural and sustainable are one of the trends in the decoration of this 2020 for any home. It’s even a good idea to add recycled or reclaimed wooden furniture from Grandma’s storage room like tables or chairs. Kitchenware and kitchen utensils made with natural, ecological, and sustainable materials are also carried for all types of kitchens.

Out minimalism

If a few years ago the trend was to hide all the objects in the kitchen inside the cabinets, it is again taken that the objects are in sight. Add shelves or shelves and furniture with glass doors to place the jars of vegetables, pasta or rice and all kinds of utensils. Apothecary furniture is also carried in the dining rooms where the crockery or glassware can be seen. Do not hide what you need to have on hand in the cupboards and enjoy a comfortable and practical kitchen.
The design of modern kitchens must take into account the latest trends but also the needs of each family. Different kitchens that prioritize comfort and that usually have a space for a simple dining room.


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