The terraces, the envy of all neighborhoods


Many citizens have in this space their only option to go outdoors

The terraces have become the oasis in which to rest, read for a while, eat, exercise, and sunbathe when temperatures rise.

Now more than ever, those who decided that the terrace was the storage room do not have the perfect opportunity to free it up and make that open space the perfect place to rest and have the feeling of leaving home.

Oasis of life

At the moment, a simple balcony or terrace is the envy of the neighborhood, so we cannot afford not to have it in all its splendor, even taking the furniture from the inside to the outside.

Details full of colors such as textiles or plants can help us achieve a cozy space, where cushions can serve as improvised seats.

An important chapter is the covers with which we cover them, indicates Óscar Porras, from Ikea’s interior design department. It is time to wash them and check that they have not lost their color, and very importantly, “check the situation of the filling”. Shades like red, green, yellow are a refreshing option for this space.

If you have an umbrella, that’s great, you have to clean it, if not, a maxi umbrella is a perfect complement to improvise.

The Italian firm Missoni bets on rustic details, little treated wood, and pallets with wheels transformed into tables.
It is the best time to pay attention to the plants on the terrace “prune them, clean their leaves, wash the pots, transplant ” or make seedlings is another option to fill it with life and keep your mind busy.

In the case that the dimensions are those of a small balcony, it can also be made a small paradise. “A table and a couple of small chairs are enough”, adds Porras, who assures that in these cases a solution such as the folding ‘wall tables’ can cover a support function.

Solutions for everything

In the case of chairs, on a balcony, it is also better to look for solutions of folding elements to store them easily and to be able to ” rearrange ” the space for other activities.

From preparing a light meal, having a coffee, or doing crafts with the children, balconies, and terraces become our look at the street.

The furniture firm Keter bets on terraces as the perfect place to take a break during teleworking and focuses on finding the ideal furniture for each space.

Máximo García Anda, responsible for the brand’s outdoor furniture, advises opting for sets that “withstand” the sun without losing color or the rain without deteriorating, that are “resistant” and “easy” to clean with a damp cloth, but at the same time, soft to the touch.

If the idea is to take advantage of them at any time of day, nothing like thinking about when night falls, a time when lighting is key.

“The idea is to have solar LED lamps that transform the day sun into night light and do not need cables or plugs” warns the Ikea interior designer.

But since in times of crisis not everything is at hand, some candles can help us create the right atmosphere to continue enjoying the terrace when night falls.


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