The plants that last the longest without watering


Choosing the right type helps fill the house with life with less effort to care for them

Taking care of plants is one of the most pleasant tasks in the home. However, on many occasions, due to lack of time, we cannot dedicate all the care they need. Therefore, if you are a plant lover, but do not have much time to care for them, do not despair. There are a number of the most resistant types of plants that practically do not need water to survive.

Forget those withered or yellowed plants and fill your home with the most intense green, fleeing from the efforts in their care. Sign up for the following types of plants and you will discover all the advantages of the most resistant plants.


These plants adapt very well to all types of light in homes, whether direct, indirect, natural, or artificial. In addition, its large leaves make it the most beautiful. Of course, its main advantage is that it needs very little water to look splendid. It acclimates perfectly to the most adverse conditions, so you only have to give it away when you see that its soil is dry.


Ribbons are one of the queens in indoor plants. They are one of the best sellers due to their high capacity to acclimatize to various conditions. It needs very little water, especially in winter, since half a cup a week will be enough. In summer it will not require too much attention because with a weekly glass of water it will nourish itself enough to look perfect.

Tiger tongue

These plants are real warriors in terms of their resistance to lack of light and lack of water. Therefore, it can survive practically without care. In fact, its main enemy is excess water.

Aloe vera

In addition to its well-known healing powers, aloe vera is a most grateful plant. It does not need practically any care. Its irrigation can be extended, even, every two weeks.


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