The best ceiling fans


With the arrival of heat, a fan can be your best ally and also a decorative element

Summer has come to stay with us for the next three months and the high temperatures will gain prominence in the thermometers.

For this reason, Spanish homes are looking for remedies to try to make the heat press as little as possible. And although the most used are air conditioning systems, we cannot forget the traditional fans.

If you want to use one of these, in addition to moving the air and freshening up your room, as a decorative element, don’t think twice and observe these shopping tips on which to choose.

Westinghouse Industrial

It is a cheap option and highly valued by users since it is very versatile when it comes to being installed on different types of ceilings.

If we are looking for a fan with large blades, without lighting, and with wall control, this is our option!

This fan has a diameter of 142cm, so it is recommended for fairly large rooms that measure between 20 or 30m2.

Cecotec ForceSilence 3 blades

Cecotec has one of the best-selling options. This model, with 3 blades, has a modern but simple design. Its 106cm diameter makes it perfect for rooms up to 13m2.
It has a lamp that illuminates remarkably. We can use it as the main and only lighting for the room. Of course, it does not include the bulb with the purchase so we will have to buy it separately.

Despite having only 3 blades, the aerodynamic design makes it move the air efficiently. Bastilipo: Quality of materials, functionality, and design

It is one of the most traditional options with the best design: made of wood and with 4 rounded blades. It has a diameter of 105cm, perfect for rooms up to 13m2.

The manufacturing material is metal, with an aged bronze design and walnut-colored blades, with leather finishes. The metal material ensures a long life for our new fan and easy maintenance.

It is controlled via the remote control and has 3 speeds, all extremely quiet thanks to its stable and robust design. It also has the inverse function, to give a cold breeze in summer and distribute warm air in winter.

Orbegozo CP-15075 N: For small rooms

Orbegozo stands out with this option designed in wood with 6 blades and 80cm in diameter, which allows large amounts of air to be moved in the smallest rooms. Aesthetically it is one of the most elegant options.

This option includes a lamp. The bulbs are not included, but the E14 60W type can be used. It is not much, so even though it has a lamp, if the room is not very small we may need some other alternative lighting.

It is very quiet at the three speeds available. And it won’t vibrate at all even at the highest speeds, so it can be worn at night in comfort.

Faro Barcelona de TONSAY: In medium rooms

If our room measures more than 18m2, this option may interest us. It is a 132cm diameter fan, 3 wooden blades, and a motor made of steel.

The quality of the materials is indisputable. In addition, the blades are reversible: on one side it has a white finish and on the other a maple finish. In this way, we can choose the color that best matches the rest of the room.

The lamp has space for 2 low consumption E27 type bulbs (15W). This lamp, although it gives enough light, if the space is too large we may want to add alternative lighting to the room.



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