Painting paper, the latest decor trend


If this technique reminds you of your grandmother’s house, in this article we warn you that you are wrong

If you are tired of the look of your home and do not know how to give it a change without involving a large investment, wallpaper can become your best ally. We also have to tell you that if when you read these words you immediately remembered your grandmother’s house, you are very, very wrong.

The elegance of habitat

Wallpaper has become an increasingly recurring decorative element, adapting to the latest fashions and trends. It is for this very reason that the Habitat interior design studio has reinvented paper by filling the walls with art. The brand’s proposals range from elegant color palettes to original drawings with plants, ethnic or naive figures … the three proposals for autumn-winter 2019-20 provide you with a variety of inspiration to dress your home.

Created by designer Floriane Jacques, CHARLIE wallpaper combines the straight lines of an architectural structure with the vegetative curves of imaginary trees and plants, revealing the contours of an elegant and fantastic urban jungle. A print for those who love to escape and dream, available in blue and ocher tones or in black and white.

NOUR has been inspired by batik, with an ethnic spirit. Conceived as an overlay of naive squares wedged together, this wallpaper reveals a multitude of lines juxtaposed with dense colors. Like a handmade collage, its subtle imperfections add authenticity and character to the print.

The paper OSCAR painted, also Floriane Jacques retakes the star print catalog 2019-20 in a black and white version. The design is a nod to recurring African masks in the work of Picasso, Modigliani, Braque, and other 20th-century avant-garde artists in a joyous tribute to the artistic flourishing of that era.

Botanical art on the walls

MuralsWallpaper has also unveiled its four new wallpapers for the new collection. For the creation, they have used detailed vintage paintings by Pierre-Joseph Redouté, considered masterpieces of botanical art.

With the various models bearing the Redouté name, the Vintage Botanicals collection brings its small and intricate illustrations to life once again, reinventing them as panoramic scenes of floral motifs and jungle-like plant life. Redouté’s original illustrations have been taken from his more than 200-year-old book ‘Les Liliacées’, which are reinterpreted into a collection of sophisticated wallpapers for flower lovers.

Solar feelings and joy on the wall

If wallpaper allows one thing, it is to bring a touch of joy and fun to our walls, and that is specifically what MuralsWallpaper does in its collection of ‘Solar Feelings’ typographic models.

The home can be a haven of positive feelings when it is filled with cheerful and personal designer decorations, which is why this collection has been designed by Lauren Kavanagh to spread a relaxing atmosphere in the environment, inspire and promote joy, letting the decoration show a little more love with powerful messages.


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