Nowhere like home


Work on great works of interior design and striking spaces such as Karl Lagerfeld’s bathroom

Nowhere like home could be the epigraph of the book ” Interiors “, which discovers the work of “greats” of interior design such as Elsie de Wolfe or Nancy Lancaster and surprising spaces such as Karl Lagerfeld’s bathroom, the Rockefeller music room or the intensity of the color of Frida Khalo’s kitchen.

A manual about the who’s who of the world of decoration in the past and present and looking to the future that includes designers, decorators, patrons, and artists, where figures such as Adolf Loos, Keith Fox, Georgia O’Keeffe or Antoni Gaudi have a lot of what to say.

“Interiors” presents 400 rooms that showcase everything from extraordinary castles to country houses, but also luxury penthouses and ranches in the desert, beach houses, and small and cute apartments, spread over more than 25 countries.

From houses in Italian palaces and villas where works of art coexist with exclusive velvet textiles and Louis XV design armchairs, to apparent and simple dining rooms with a table with straight lines, but with design, next to hallways or a bright house in the exclusive Martha’s Vineyard Island, south of the Cape Cod peninsula, on the east coast of the United States.

The book shows the creations of fashion designers, artists, movie stars, or “fashion icons,” Fox adds in a note, as well as influential figures with “memorable” contributions to the world of interior design.

“We wanted to make a compendium of the rooms and creators that people in the industry talk about most often when it comes to the interior decoration in the last hundred years,” says William Norwich, author of the foreword and former director of interior design and fashion in Vogue and The New York Times.

Coco Chanel’s home was located above her first store and has remained the same since her death in 1971. The Ministry of Culture classified it as a historical monument in 2013. It was accessed through a curved staircase mirror, where the designer could sit unseen on the steps and watch the reaction of your customers during the shows.
Avant-garde armchairs and Chinese lampshades made by hand with camellia motifs combine classic and exotic styles to create a space full of harmony.

One of the most current homes that appear in “Interiors” is that of the actress and producer of “Grey’s Anatomy”, Ellen Pompeo, a 1930 house in Los Angeles, Mediterranean-inspired, that she shares with her husband, the producer musical Chris Ivery and his two sons.

A renovation commissioned by Martyn Lawrence Bullard made the rooms look out onto the garden, featuring a large library in dark tones with metallic details.

The interior designer Roger de Cabrol, a disciple of Dalí, knew how to bring eccentricity to design by adapting two huge high-heeled shoes as armchairs in the living room of his home with a clear influence from the master from Figueras. A deep red, much like the yellow and blue of Frida Khalo’s family kitchen, is shown in the book.

Overlooking the Seine, the apartment of the dancer Rudolf Nureyev stood out for its opulence that included the bathroom that Emilio Carcano designed for him, a space that mixed the neoclassical style of Russian, French and Italian decorative elements, arts, with brown, gold, and red.

Nothing to do with that of Karl Lagerfeld, who since he arrived in France from his native Hamburg lived in more than twenty different houses. The creator did not leave the interior design to the mind of the interior designer, as happened with the home shown in Rome, in which he dressed his wood-paneled bathroom in which a spiral staircase leads to an upstairs bedroom.

Mentioning the Rockefeller last name is synonymous with luxury and power. The once home to generations of this dynasty, called Kykuit, is impressive both inside and out, and is largely due to the redesign of Ogden Codman Jr. The image of the music room presided over by a magnificent Miró is all a show of his power.


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