How to clean your mobile to keep it free of bacteria and viruses


The screen of smartphones collects 30 times more bacteria than a toilet seat

In the last decade, mobile phones have been developing in such a way that, today, these devices are capable of assuming tasks typical of a computer. All these advances technological have made it possible for human beings to enjoy a very useful tool, which offers a multitude of services and opens an infinite window to the virtual world. Now we can communicate with our loved ones, play video games, use different social networks, enjoy audiovisual content, read the press or even work from practically anywhere, at any time and in a very simple way

All these benefits of ‘ smartphones ‘ have made these devices have become little less than one more part of our body. This makes the mobile accompany us in all the activities we carry out during the day. And with that, some drawbacks arise that we have to keep in mind.

One of those problems is closely related to hygiene. And it is that the screen of mobile phones collects 30 times more bacteria than the lid of a toilet, according to a study by the University of Barcelona, ​​which makes it one of the everyday objects that accumulate more dirt.

This issue worries us even more in these times of pandemic. Therefore, it is important to clean at least once a day to take care of the hygiene of these terminals.

Steps to follow to clean the mobile:

1.- First of all, it is important to make sure that the smartphone is not connected to any network, power supply, or cable. In addition, we must turn it off to begin the cleaning process.

2.- We will use a mixture of alcohol and water in equal parts that we will pour into a spray bottle.

3.- We will use a soft touch cloth or a disposable cotton wipe that we will moisten in the mixture that we have previously prepared. We should not overdo it when it comes to soaking the cloth.

4.- Once we have the wipe ready, we will pass it over the entire surface of the ‘smartphone’. Always be careful not to rub the logos or the printed parts with force.

5.- With a second soft and disposable cloth, if possible, and avoiding towels or other textile materials that can generate residues, we will dry the device carefully.


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