Five objects that you should clean daily at home to avoid bacteria


The coronavirus has raised concerns about the cleaning of tools and surfaces that we usually touch

The coronavirus has impacted the entire world and has raised concern in many households about how to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at home. Hygienic measures have increased and it is advisable to create a special cleaning routine for those personal items that we take out to the street. In this context, the best recommendation to break this chain is to wash your hands more frequently and more thoroughly, and avoid touching those everyday objects and then touching our faces.

In terms of prevention, cleaning and disinfection are essential “cleaning the most used surfaces in addition to disinfection is one of the best measures for the prevention of Covid-19”, explains Gerardo Monteiro, manager of Bisbell Spain, dedicated to cleaning floors since 1876.

“Cleaning helps reduce the risk of spreading germs and bacteria, but also, using a disinfectant after this helps to improve and prevent infections,” they comment from the firm.

The objects that we touch the most, such as glasses, mobile phones, television remote control, house keys, or toys, must be cleaned and disinfected daily. According to the World Health Organization ( WHO ), it is not known with certainty how long it survives on the surface of an object such as a mobile phone, coins, or banknotes … According to the information that is known so far, the coronavirus could persist from a few hours to several days, depending on the type of surface, temperature, or humidity of the object.

“To disinfect them, when the material allows it, it is better to use a clean cloth with a hydroalcoholic solution. It could also be cleaned with soap and water, steam cleaning removes germs, dirt, and impurities thanks to its disinfecting power”, adds Monteiro.

Also, the cleaning company has noticed the increase in inquiries for steam cleaning products, “a good ally in any disinfection.”

Knobs, handles, windows, and cabinets

They are areas that are touched frequently. Like switches. Whenever you enter the home, wash your hands well before touching anything inside the house. If it has not been possible, it is best to first clean these objects and then disinfect them. “If there is no cleaning first, disinfection is not effective,” explains Monteiro.

The keys

We always touch the keys both to leave and to enter. Possibly, it is the object that is most exposed to bacteria. The best thing is as soon as you enter the house to clean them with warm water and soap or with steam cleaning.

The mobile

How many times can we touch the mobile? Calls, messages, read the news. Even if the hands are clean if you have not disinfected the mobile, it is useless because it is possible that it can transfer these germs back to the hands. ” There are studies that confirm that mobile phones have more bacteria than a toilet, ” adds Monteiro.

To properly clean the phone without risking water damage, it is preferable to follow the brand’s recommendations and instructions. The important thing is to always keep your hands clean before cleaning the surface, choose a good antibacterial microfiber cloth and clean it after each use and more if you go outside the home.


Whether for sight or sun, glasses are the complement that always accompanies us. Therefore, it is convenient to wash them frequently since they are exposed daily.


In a few hours, children can go out and take toys. It is recommended that, on the return, the objects with which they play in the street are washed with hot water and soap. You have to be especially careful and always prevent.

It is not always possible to eliminate 100% of bacteria from everything that is touched, but soap and water, hydroalcoholic cleaners, steam cleaning are the most effective methods and, above all, these specialists recommend that you always have to use gloves and specific clothing intended for cleaning, “thoroughly wash used clothing and rags with hot water programs, as well as disinfect or wash kitchen scouring pads frequently, as they can accumulate germs”


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