Five fabulous ideas to decorate your home for Christmas


Very special dates are approaching and it is time to think about how to bring magic and fantasy to our home

December is approaching, the temperatures drop, the days are getting shorter and the aroma of Christmas is beginning to be felt. Despite living such a strange year, the charm of these dates is still intact in Spanish citizenship. And it is that, in 2020 in which we have felt further away from our loved ones than ever, we look forward even more to the dates when we feel at home, surrounded by our own. However, we must keep in mind at all times the need to maintain security measures to protect our family and friends from possible infections.

Although the coronavirus will alter the holidays this year, it will not be able to stop our powerful Christmas spirit. Cities are already preparing to shine with their own light. The lights are ready to light up a much needed Christmas. So that magic and fantasy also accompany us at all times, in this article we gather some ideas to decorate our homes. Any room or corner is ideal to impregnate it with that Christmas essence that excites both young and old.

Christmas tree

There is no doubt that the Christmas tree is the main protagonist of the decoration. It is usually installed in the living room, which is usually the largest part of the house. This element is usually decorated to the taste of each family. Some opt for small, plastic trees with some ornaments on their branches. Others prefer a large tree loaded with balls, lights, stars, and all kinds of ornaments. What many agree is that under the tree is the right place for Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men to deposit their gifts.


If the Christmas tree is the star guest in December, the nativity scene is not far behind in the most traditional homes. There are nativity scenes of all types and sizes. Some, with three or four figures, already manage to recreate the birth of Jesus. Others build models worthy of exhibition, with a large number of figures, ornaments, lights, and all kinds of details.

Doors and windows

If you are not satisfied with the installation of the typical Christmas tree or nativity scene and what you want is for the Christmas spirit to flood your home, you can also decorate your doors and windows. For the doors, a very common element of Christmas decoration is the crowns. You can prepare them with natural elements, such as small branches or with pinecones.

For the windows, you can opt for Christmas lights or use sprays to shape all kinds of typical Christmas figures. In the Christmas markets, you will find templates of Santa Claus, fir trees, or balls, for example.

Also, if you want everyone to know that you love Christmas at home, you can also decorate the exteriors with lights or Santa Claus dolls hanging from your windows and balconies.

Christmas vinyls

In recent years a trend in Christmas decoration that is on the rise is vinyls. These stickers offer different designs with all kinds of motifs and drawings. Its easy installation will allow you to place it on walls or cabinets in any room in your home. It is a quick way to decorate the rooms that will give an original touch to your home and in which the boys and girls of the house can also participate.

An original touch

If you want to give an original touch to the Christmas decoration and break some traditions, you can choose to place the Christmas balls in a transparent container in any room of the house. Instead of hanging them on the tree, you can decorate certain places wearing these beautiful decorations and bringing the Christmas spirit, for example, to the kitchen. You can play with different shades and colors to achieve a spectacular result.


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