Five appliances you didn’t know you cleaned badly


If we use the correct method we will be able to eliminate the dirt in an effective way

The coronavirus crisis has forced the Spanish population to stay in their homes for a long time without being able to leave. During this long period of time, many have come close to consuming the entire Netflix catalog or some other platform. And it is that, without the possibility of going out to the street, the forms of entertainment are reduced. So much so that some have chosen to follow all the viral challenges that spread like wildfire on social networks.

Others, on the other hand, have racked their brains to try to take advantage of some way while it vanished without doing anything productive. Thus, one of the activities that have been repeated the most during these months has been to carry out general cleaning of the house. During confinement, countless cabinets, beds, sofas, and electrical appliances have been moved to catch every last spot or speck of dust. The houses of many have looked like new.

However, some devices have been able to with our patience. And it is that, sometimes, no matter how much we clean something, it is impossible to remove the dirt. Cleaning grease from the oven or microwave seems like an impossible thing that only those who have the best cleaning products can achieve.

But, not obtaining the desired results, in these cases, is usually due to not using the proper technique. Therefore, in this article, we point out some tricks to effectively clean those devices that you have been cleaning badly all your life.


The days of scrubbing the grease out of this small appliance with all your might are over. Fill a bowl with water and vinegar and microwave it for a couple of minutes. The steam that will be created will make the dirt loosen easily and you can remove it with a cloth.

The oven and its trays

To clean the oven with ease, choose to create a paste based on baking soda and water, spread it inside, and leave it to act overnight. The next morning, wipe off the mixture with a cloth, spray the inside of the oven with a little vinegar, and turn it on for a few minutes to dry.

To clean the trays of this appliance we can mix hydrogen peroxide with sodium bicarbonate. Then we will rub this mixture and let it act for about an hour. Then we will remove the liquid with a cloth.
If your coffee starts to taste a little strange, before changing your coffee maker, try to clean it properly. Fill half the tank with water and the other half with vinegar and put it to work without coffee.

The food cutting board

The eaten cutting board is an everyday object that is of great help to us, but over time it accumulates a large amount of dirt and bacteria that are often difficult to remove. And, with a scouring pad, we can spend a lot of time to reach the most impenetrable corners. To fix this problem, we can rub half a lemon with a little coarse salt against the board. Then we must wash it with a little wheal and water so that it remains unpolluted.


It is important to start by remembering the importance of changing your toothbrush at least once every three months. Despite what many people believe, it is not enough to run the brush through the water to clean it. If we want to avoid dental problems, try putting the brush in a glass with white vinegar for several hours. Then you just have to rinse it well to enjoy a clean, bacteria-free toothbrush again.


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