Father’s Day: original ideas for gifts during confinement


Discover what original gifts you can make yourself despite being confined at home

This year the Father’s Day holiday is undoubtedly exceptional. With all Spain in full quarantine, discover what homemade gifts you can make yourself at home. Get down to work and sign up for the following ideas to surprise your father. Homemade and very original gifts with which you will leave your parent speechless.

Homemade tablet sleeve

Get yourself a few sheets of foam rubber and shape your ideas. There are several ways to prepare homemade tablet covers. Choose the one that best suits your father’s needs or tastes and surprise him with this original and practical gift for Father’s Day.

Custom apron

If your father is passionate about cooking, you can take the opportunity to give him a personalized apron. You can buy an apron in a solid color and decorate it with a beautiful phrase, with your hands impregnated in paint or with the decorative motif that you like the most.

Lego pieces cufflinks

If you and your father have shared unforgettable moments playing with your Lego pieces, you can take advantage of Father’s Day to prepare an original gift. Collect a series of these fun pieces and place them on the base of some cufflinks. Your father will show them pride with his shirts.

Personalized card

We can also surprise you with a beautiful message inside an original card made by ourselves. We only need a couple of different colored cards, a ruler, scissors, colored paints, glue, and a little imagination to make the most original card for Father’s Day.



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