BMS bets on science to transform the patient’s life


Bristol-Myers Squibb continues to pursue innovation in drug development in fields such as oncology, hematology, immunology and cardiovascular disease

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) and Celgene joined a year ago in what would be one of the most important operations in the pharmaceutical sector in recent times . The size acquired by the company places it as the 5th company on a global scale and this allows it to confront solvency a scenario of investment and development of new drugs for the long term and to respond to the needs of new treatments of patients.

The new company brings together the best of a biotech and a large pharmaceutical company, enabling them to develop innovative drugs for patients with cancer and other serious diseases. BMS is aware that this new dimension comes with an even greater responsibility to its thousands of patients. Therefore, the company aims to advance science from its leading franchises in oncology, hematology, immunology, and cardiovascular disease, and thanks to one of the most diverse and promising ‘pipelines’ in the industry.

The BMS team – currently made up of 30,000 employees worldwide, of which about 400 are in Spain and Portugal – works every day to discover, develop and provide innovative medicines that help them overcome serious pathologies and achieve a better quality of life .

A history of scientific excellence

BMS has pioneered the development of immunotherapy, a new class of drugs that stimulate the immune system against cancer. The company has also changed the treatment of diseases such as multiple myeloma and serious tumors, such as metastatic melanoma or lung cancer, increasing the life expectancy of its patients.

In addition, the company is moving toward the next generation of therapeutic options, such as CAR-T, and continues to seek cutting-edge, life-changing treatments such as cell therapy.

The leader in innovation in Spain

Although the two legal entities still coexist in Spain at the moment, thanks to the union, BMS has positioned itself as the second company in the number of clinical trials underway in our country. Specifically, it has more than 200, for which the company has allocated approximately 50 million euros.

Likewise, BMS has a leading research center in Seville, the Translational Research Center (CITRE), which has become the European benchmark in translational cancer medicine.

With more than 50 molecules in various stages of development, the company’s investment in research and development currently exceeds $ 6 billion worldwide.

Commitment to equality and diversity

Bristol Myers Squibb is committed to generating quality, diverse, and inclusive jobs. 61% of its 400 employees are women and the company’s governing body in the country is more than equal. Proof of this is that the Ministry of Equality has recently awarded BMS the “Equality in the Company” distinction, a certificate awarded for excellence in the application and development of equality measures between women and men and in the development of plans and policies. equality in the company to those companies that achieve results in the implementation of these measures.

Close to society

The mission and commitment of BMS are now more important than ever, in the context of uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Thus, although several months have passed since the start of the health crisis, the world continues to face a unique challenge for humanity and science.

As a company concerned with helping society and reducing inequalities, BMS decided to support the most vulnerable groups: health professionals, families with minors at risk of exclusion, or the elderly. Save the Children, Unicef, Cáritas, the Red Cross and the Food Bank are some of the institutions through which we have channeled this aid.


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