5 mistakes you make when cleaning the kitchen


One of the most common is cleaning the microwave when it is already greasy

The cleaning of the kitchen is one of the chores which entails greater effort. We usually clean it every time we cook, but it is also necessary to carry out a more thorough cleaning every so often.

This cleaning is done on numerous occasions in a similar way and with little thought about how we are doing it. Therefore, sometimes we make some mistakes when cleaning, which should be avoided. In the case of the kitchen, one of the rooms in which more germs accumulate in the house, these are the most frequent.

Clean greasy microwave

A serious mistake commonly made in the kitchen is cleaning the microwave when it is already greasy. It is important to clean it frequently and not leave it very dirty for a long time, since a large part of the food that will later be consumed will pass through this appliance.

A trick to disinfect the microwave quickly is to introduce a bowl with water and some lemon slices and put it on maximum power for a minute. This will soften the fat and you will only have to wipe it with a cloth.

Not cleaning some utensils properly

In cutting boards and colanders, a lot of food debris accumulates. That is why they must be carefully cleaned. As for cutting boards, those that are made of wood are not recommended, since it is more difficult to completely eliminate germs.

Do not clean the countertop daily

On many occasions it may seem that the countertop looks clean, however, it is a surface on which a large number of germs accumulate in a very short time. A large amount of food is placed on top of it that will later be consumed, so it must be completely clean.

Use the same rags for everything

Rags are often used for multiple household tasks. But, it is important to use a different cloth for each household activity. Rags accumulate a large amount of dirt and can cause us to move bacteria from one place to another.

Scrub without order

When the dishes are washed by hand, it must be taken into account that the order does not matter. Attention should be paid to what to wash first. And it is that in the first place, we will have to scrub what is cleanest and we will have to leave the most greasy for the end. In this way, you will avoid passing the fat from one to the other with the scourer.


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