That is why your moon sign is more important than your zodiac sign

That is why your moon sign is more important than your zodiac sign

Almost everyone knows his zodiac sign, but what about the moon sign? It is much less known, although the moon sign affects us at least as much, if not more deeply! We’ll tell you what it’s all about.

What is my moon sign?

In contrast to the regular sign of the zodiac, also known as the sun sign, we cannot determine our moon sign simply from our date of birth. Since it reveals in which constellation the moon was at the time of our birth, it is also necessary to state our time of birth and the time zone. After all, the position of the moon changes much faster than that of the sun.

If you have this information ready, you can easily determine your moon sign using an online calculator.

Our moon sign reveals this about our character

Some people check their horoscope daily, others weekly or monthly. Above all, it tells us things about our conscious side, our everyday life, and the rational decisions we make.

So what is the difference between the moon sign? This in turn tells us mainly about our subconscious. The moon sign affects our hidden side and says a lot about our feelings, intuition, and emotions.

So if you want to understand yourself more deeply, you should definitely look at your moon sign in addition to your zodiac sign.


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