No postage? You can still send letters with this trick

You can still send letters with this trick

We all know that: You want to send a letter quickly, but you have no more postage in the house. Extra for the post? Nope! We’ll reveal a convenient trick that all you need is your cell phone.

Whether on the road or at home: Sometimes we just want to drop a letter quickly, but we don’t have a stamp. There is a cool trick to get Porto straight away, but one that is not known to many. We explain how you can do this easily and conveniently, no matter where you are. All you need is a cell phone and a pen.

Cell phone postage: It’s that easy

Grab your smartphone and send an SMS to Deutsche Post’s service number 22122 with the subject “Letter” or “Postcard”. You will then be sent a twelve-digit code via SMS, which you simply write in the stamp field on the envelope or card in the top right corner. Super practical, the shipment is now franked and you can throw your letter in the next postcards.

The postage is the way to your phone bill settled. The only downer: Using the mobile phone postage is significantly more expensive than buying a conventional postage stamp and is therefore perhaps more suitable for emergencies – or when things have to go very quickly. The mobile phone postage for a standard letter costs 1.19 euros, 39 cents more than a paper postage stamp from a machine. Depending on the respective cell phone contract, there may be additional costs for the order SMS, according to Deutsche Post.

Note: Parcels and small packages cannot be sent via mobile phone postage.


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