Smelly sportswear: 4 tips against bad smells

Smelly sportswear

It is not surprising that the clothes smell like sports. However, it is stupid if the bad smell is still there even after washing. We reveal a few tricks that help against sweat odor and Co.

Goodbye sweat smell: use the right detergent

If you often wash your sports gear with color detergent, you risk that it will no longer be properly cleaned. Instead, it is better to use a heavy-duty detergent. This contains a proportion of bleach, which works against odors. A special sports detergent can also be a solution. In addition, the machine should not be overloaded when washing sportswear.

Vinegar as a home remedy for smelly sportswear

Mix vinegar essence and water in a ratio of 1: 4 (one part vinegar essence and four parts water). Soak the sportswear in it for a few hours. Then you can put the things in the washing machine. By the way, a practical side effect of vinegar is that it not only counteracts the smell of sweat caused by bacteria but also removes sweat stains.

Wash sports shoes and sports bags regularly

First of all, you should empty your gym bag immediately after training so that it doesn’t start to smell. We should also clean our gym bags regularly. The same applies to sports shoes. If necessary, these can be washed in the washing machine on the delicate or wool wash program or by hand. Before the shoes go into the washing machine, always pay attention to the care instructions on the labels, because many sports shoes are not allowed in the machine because the glue or the seams, for example, can come off.

Use suitable materials as a preventive measure

When it comes to outdoor sportswear for colder days, such as long underwear or functional shirts, it is advisable to use merino wool instead of synthetic fibers. Merino wool is a natural product and warms us even when the fibers get damp. In addition, the wool should even remain odorless. You can wash items made of merino wool at 30 to 40 degrees.


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