Meghan Markle: The Duchess likes these trendy sneakers

Meghan Markle

Lead by example – the trend sneakers that Meghan Markle loves so much not only look great, they are also sustainably produced. And this is the absolute IT SNEAKER!

Sustainable fashion – more and more important

The awareness of sustainable fashion is growing slowly but steadily because more and more people understand what “fast fashion” means for people and the environment. This can also be proven in figures, because according to the search engines and rating platforms Lyst and Good on You, the demand for sustainable fashion rose by 37 percent in February 2019/2020. A McKinsey study also confirms the trend: for two-thirds of the people surveyed, it is always important to keep their own ecological footprint low and to rethink.

Meghan Markle loves this sneaker

As is so often the case, things need a draft horse to get going. So it’s great that style role models like Meghan Markle show how great sustainable fashion can look. She currently loves the white Veja Campo sneakers with the curved side V made of vegan leather – and it’s not just the former “Suits” actress, because according to Lyst, these are the most popular sustainable sneakers in 2020.

The label was founded in 2004 with the aim of producing stylish sneakers that are suitable for everyday use. But sustainable with materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, or vegan leather. The material CWL is used for this, a cotton bond that is waxed with resin and corn waste from the food industry.

And this is how you wear the Veja Campo sneaker

The white sneaker with the V on the side goes naturally with many styles: whether casual with jeans or shorts or sporty with a mini skirt. Style breaks are still popular, so you can wear the Veja Campo sneaker with a summer dress or pencil skirt. Just try it out and find your personal, perfect look!


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