According to the horoscope: These 3 zodiac signs are the neatest

These 3 zodiac signs are the neatest

For some people, the apartment always looks sparkling clean and tidy. We’ll tell you which three zodiac signs are particularly tidy.

These are the 3 neatest zodiac signs

While chaos reigns for some and cleaning are not very important, other signs of the zodiac only feel comfortable in a tidy apartment. Everything has to have its place and you won’t find any clothes or objects flying around here. We reveal which three Astro signs order is of great importance.


Crabs are extremely important to their own four walls and they make themselves really comfortable there. They also love to be at home and like to decorate. Since they spend a lot of time at home, cleanliness and order are very important to Krebs. They don’t like it at all when things are lying around and the harmonious overall picture is destroyed as a result. Cleaning and tidying up are part of the daily routine for crabs. This way, dust bunnies, and Co. don’t stand a chance!


A surprise visit is not a problem for a virgin because her apartment always looks like it was peeled from an egg. Clutter and dirt are a horror to her. The zodiac sign is considered a perfectionist and that is also reflected in her apartment. Everything is always neatly stowed in its place and nowhere is a speck of dust to be seen.


Libras could never live in chaos as they abhor clutter. The zodiac sign has a good taste and attaches great importance to a stylishly furnished apartment. Dirt and dust have no place there, which is why scales constantly whirl around the apartment with feather dusters, vacuum cleaners, and the like. After all, everything must always be in order!


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