Who plays more – women or men?

Who plays more - women or men

Entering a virtual world full of games and fun has become part of everyday life for most of us these days. Games on the PC or on the console are a weekend experience or a way to end the stressful evening. Working on the computer is now becoming an increasingly popular leisure activity for women too, so it is incomprehensible why gaming is still seen more as a men’s business. We have found out for you why this is the case and what differentiates the sexes when it comes to gaming .

If you can speak of a clientele in the world of video games, this is in constant change. The average gamer is around 34 years old, so players over 30 actually make up the largest video game group in Germany. Development studios today are therefore making a great effort to develop games that appeal to every generation and age group and no longer target the youngest and most technologically savvy. With the many genres that are now available, everyone can create their own world. Both men and women can play a game that is attractive to them.

Women like to pinch
While the most popular genre for men is “sports”, puzzle games are at the fore for women. A full 44% of women say that puzzle games are their favorite game. Of course, this does not include classic puzzles as we know them from reality, but digital games such as Candy Crush, Tetris or Dr. Mario. Where the gentlemen of creation and women do not differ so much in taste are the games of skill. Here 31% of the men and 39% of the women surveyed state that they like to play games like Slither.io. Third place for men is unsurprisingly taken by the shooters. The genre that is the most stereotyped. Another genre is in third place for women: Jump & Run games, such as Subway Surfers or Temple Run, are popular favorites among women. Women also like games with a demanding story and a comprehensible plot. This is why games like “Sims” are particularly popular with women.

When it comes to money
Even today we still imagine the typical casino player as a man. However, this cliché picture is no longer quite so true. Every 10th man and every 30th woman play for fast money in the digital orbit. However, the trend among women is increasing. With the ever increasing number of online slot machine games, the women’s world is being introduced more and more into the digital gaming world. If you are interested in sports, you can also play online in the casinoand usually quickly pocket profits. Around 55% of all games of chance on the Internet are sports betting. In addition to this category, men also like to play classics such as online poker and like to spend much higher sums than women. Women, on the other hand, play as a short pastime, especially when they are on the go. The increasing number of providers bringing out mobile versions of games of chance makes gambling even more interesting for women. In order to be able to address a broader spectrum of people, there are more and more different slots and mini-games in order to be able to integrate women more into the exciting world of gambling.

Who plays better?
The University of California hat 2016 eine Studie veröffentlicht, die beweist, dass es keinen merklichen Unterschied zwischen dem Spieltalent von Frauen und Männern gibt. Gleicherfahrene Spieler und Spielerinnen leveln daher durchschnittlichen gleich schnell auf. Wenn sich weibliche Spielerinnen als weiblich „outen“ müssen sie sich dennoch oft von männlichen Mitspielern herabwürdigende und sexistische Kommentare anhören. Das klare Bild ist immer noch, dass Frauen nicht in der Lage wären gut zu zocken. Aus Angst, nicht gut genug zu sein, versuchen viele Frauen – aus emotionalen Gründen daher – sich gar nicht erst in eine negative Situation zu bringen, was sie trotz Interesse und Neugier, vom Spielen abhält. Dies verstärkt jedoch den Stereotypen um ein Weiteres. Daher seien Sie gerne mal mutig und versuchen Sie es mit einer Runde Call of Duty, oder Online Poker. Was gibt es denn zu verlieren?

Who is playing now?
If you divide all gamers into men and women then the difference is really irrelevant small. So that makes no significant difference overall. However, the majority of women still play offline while online games are played mainly by men (80%). On the one hand, this has to do with the fact that the above-mentioned discussions want to be actively avoided, but also with the main focus on online genres such as shooters or MMORPG, in which women are less likely to find themselves in than in other games.

But all of this is socialization alone, which for the most part has to do with individual upbringing. The social feeling means that women are more likely to be served with more feminine products, such as Sims or other games, while the gentlemen of creation are assigned the harder genres. In order to break this wall, it is necessary to have the confidence to venture out of your own house, to compete with opponents in a round of Call of Duty or to spend a round in the online casino. This gives you the opportunity to balance out the differences in gaming, refute clichés and explore the world of games on your own!


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