Unfortunately, these zodiac signs often cancel

these zodiac signs often cancel

“I’m sorry, I can’t make it today! Perhaps these belong to the three zodiac signs that often cancel at the last minute.

The following three Astro signs are never at a loss for an excuse and are known by their friends for cancelling appointments at the last minute.


This sign of the zodiac feels most comfortable in your own four walls. It can happen that the Leo spontaneously decides to cancel the date, because he would rather spend a cozy evening on the couch.

Tip: Sometimes you just have to force this zodiac sign to be lucky and try to persuade it to come to the date after all. Because actually lions feel right at home in company once they have gotten themselves up.


This astro sign is not exactly considered to be particularly decisive. Twins prefer to dance at all weddings at the same time. That’s why they like to cancel spontaneously because they have decided on another event. They always pick what they want the most. Since they don’t want to hurt the feelings of the other person, one or the other white lie, such as a doctor’s appointment, has to be used. They also somehow manage that their counterpart does not feel bad about having been transferred.


The perfectionist Virgo always has a lot on her mind and a busy schedule. Often she only realizes too late that she has planned a little too much and has to cancel an appointment. If we forgive someone for a refusal, it is her, unless, of course, she keeps moving us. With her, however, we can actually be sure that this is not her way and that she will be there for us again at the next meeting.


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