Scary make-up for Halloween

Scary make-up for Halloween

The scariest Halloween costume is only perfect with the right scary make-up. We’ll tell you the best make-up tips for Halloween.

Halloween: The night of horror nights

On the night of October 31st, the spirits awaken. Halloween is no longer just a US hype, it is also very popular in Germany. In America, children traditionally dress up as their favourite creepy characters and go from house to house collecting candy. But adults also love to dress up. We have a few make-up ideas ready for you .

Scary make-up for the perfect costume

Every Halloween costume needs an individual touch, which a mask or disguise alone cannot provide. This is where the horror make-up comes into play. Vampires and all kinds of zombies are particularly popular. The Saw doll also found many followers. The horror clowns in disguise were really scary last year – they made people fear so much that they should be refrained from. Otherwise, the disguise should just look creepy and dark. Keep it simple: use white children’s make-up as a primer, for example. When you kiss your lips, slight dents appear under your cheekbones. Use a brush to paint dark eyeshadow into the caves. But only very easily!

To make the eyes look bloodshot, kohl pencils in shades of red are ideal – apply these vigorously to the waterline of the eye. Then outline your eyes in black. It doesn’t have to be entirely accurate, because you’re supposed to look dead. You can underline the effect with appropriate contact lenses. Your lips make the most impression in black, blood red or white, which gives a special creep factor. Use the same colours for the nails. As a little extra detail, you can paint a spider web on one or more nails. Finally, a little fake blood Apply to the face, neck and hands and everyone will be scared of you. Halloween decorations can also be used to easily make matching accessories and hang them around, put them on your shoulder or something similar.

So the horror make-up lasts longer

There is extra Halloween or theatre make-up. The special make-unpot only lasts significantly longer. Thanks to a large range of utensils, there are no limits to the imagination and special effects. This professional make-up is therefore also used by make-up artists for actors or other artists. Once applied properly, you hardly need to apply any make-up later. So if you want to be undead all night long, you should get the appropriate utensils. It is best to think about what you want to go as beforehand so that you have everything together later. We recommend sketching the make-up on paper beforehand, then you can use the template for make-up later. Those who do not trust the styling or who want to make it particularly easy, use adhesive tattoos: From spiders or scars to horror wounds, you can simply stick them on.

Make up wounds and scars

Small details make the zombie look! What would a zombie or a dead man be without scars or wounds on the face? The professionals use prosthetic gelatine as Halloween make-up to make flesh wounds look totally real. All you have to do is heat transparent gummy bears with a little water in the microwave. But the whole thing shouldn’t boil! To make the wound look really bloody later, you can mix the gummy bears and the water with red food coloring. Test the gelatin on your forearm or hand first to see if it has cooled down enough. Then use a wooden spatula to spread the gelatine onto your face or décolleté. When it cools on the skin, push and squeeze the gelatine into shape as desired. Make-up can then be applied to the wound.

But we have another wound make-up tip for you. Smear some skin glue anywhere on your face. Then crumble some oatmeal on top and press it firmly to the skin. After a minute, the flakes should be set and you can paint the wound with reddish lip gloss. This is guaranteed to look deceptively real!

For scar make-up you need colloid, which you can get in the pharmacy or on the Internet. First, clean your skin with alcohol. Then spread the colloid on the skin with a brush and let it dry. The “scar” can be easily peeled off the skin again.

Making fake blood

Do you want the wounds to get really bloody? Or do you want to dress up as a vampire? Then we have just the thing for you – the fake blood recipe from Robert Schemer. You will need a small bottle of caramel, red food colouring and a drop of washing-up liquid. Mix all the ingredients together and carefully bring the mixture to the desired consistency with water. Then you can apply the artificial blood to the artificial wounds or the skin and smear yourself with it as you wish.


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