Our editorial favourites FOR YOU

Our editorial favourites FOR YOU

We love products that beautify, improve or make our life easier. We therefore regularly present products from home accessories and cookware to electronics that we particularly like and therefore receive the “EDITORIAL DONE FOR YOU” award. Let yourself be inspired by our selection! The best: you can shop the products online right away.

Anyone who suffers from the symptoms of celiac disease or gluten / wheat intolerance can quickly lose the joy of eating. Fortunately, there are now plenty of gluten-free foods, for example from Schär, the market leader for gluten-free products that can be bought in supermarkets, drug stores and health food stores. The variety of products ranges from bread, rolls, baguettes and various types of pasta to flour to pizza, salty snacks and sweets such as biscuits or cakes. Perfect for being able to eat according to your personal preferences despite your intolerance!

With its wide variety of products, Schär shows that you don’t have to go without anything despite celiac disease or intolerance. Instead of grain, corn and rice flour are used here for bread, cakes and snacks. This makes the products digestible!

Blonde is a hair color that is always current and beautiful. Depending on the trend, it shines in different nuances. So that the hair is radiantly beautiful and well-groomed, the countless shades of blonde must be cared for for the corresponding wow effect – regardless of whether the hair is natural or colored.

LIVING THE BLONDE LIFE – the all-round carefree care from the Newsha brand for the perfect blonde offers care at a high level. Included are:

the highly pigmented “True Blonde Silver Shampoo” with natural indigo blossom extract for blonde, highlighted or gray hair – neutralizes yellow tint, gives an ashy blonde tone.
the “Soft Cotton Conditioner” for bleached hair with cotton extracts for more elasticity – has a calming, moisturizing effect and is structure-smoothing.

the “Velvet Vanilla color masque” for refreshing the color between visits to the salon for light, light and medium blond hair – with a beige character, neutralizes unwanted gold tones.
the “Luxe Treatment Oil” for the perfect finish with argan oil – for more shine and suppleness. Rich yet light care and styling oil.

Fisher-Price is celebrating its 90th birthday with a great fundraiser
Children, how time flies! Toy manufacturer Fisher-Price is not only celebrating its 90th anniversary – the cult brand also wants to give something back for the milestone anniversary. And to children who are not doing so well.

On this occasion , 90 cents for each toy sold during the campaign period from August 24th to September 13th will be donated to BILD hilft eV “A Heart for Children” .

But it’s not about money alone: In order to build a new indoor playground for the children’s house “Dandelion”, Fisher-Price collects broken toys that are later professionally recycled for new play equipment. For this purpose, donation containers were set up in six REWE Center branches throughout Germany during the period mentioned above. The children’s house “Pusteblume” is also supported by BILD hilft eV “A Heart for Children”.

Relaxation app Calmvalera
Stress, concentration problems or inner restlessness? Then try the Calmvalera Relax App from Hevert. It is named after Calmvalera, a naturopathic preparation that is effective against sleep disorders and restlessness.

With the help of sounds and music, the subconscious is positively trained and a mental state of relaxation is brought about. The song sequences are each about 10 minutes long and are called tonics. They have been specially developed to reduce stress, improve sleep and increase concentration. The great thing: You don’t need any previous knowledge and don’t have to be familiar with anything! Just enjoy the music and after just a few minutes you will feel better and more productive.

If you want, you can also take the naturopathic preparation Calmvalera, which contains 9 natural active ingredients and has been clinically proven – without any habituation effect.

The Munich furniture start-up WYE led by founders Franziskus Wozniak and Ferdinand Krämer is breaking new ground in furniture production: With Neolign, the two have developed a unique and sustainable wood-based material that is inspired by the look of chipboard. The young company has thus found a way to transform a waste product into beautiful designer furniture that is 100 percent recyclable – and at affordable prices.

In addition to the Magnesium Verla® 400 capsules, there is now also a direct granulate. This can be taken once a day without liquid. With 400 mg of magnesium, the granulate covers an increased need, for example by athletes. It tastes fruity summery of lemon and a hint of passion fruit. Incidentally, the granules are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, are lactose and gluten-free and contain no artificial sweeteners.

the leading toy brand for toddlers of preschool age, wants to show parents how they can benefit from playing time together in their new everyday lives at home and invite them to rediscover the joy of playing. The focus is on the first consolidated evaluation of academic studies on the positive effects of playing with children on parents by Dr. Jacqueline Harding, a foremost child development specialist and lecturer at Middlesex University in the UK.

Less stress hormones, more well-being
Dr. Harding, who reviewed more than 100 research papers in neuroscience and behavioral psychology for this report, explains that playing time together has been shown to be an essential tool against stress in adults Playing on children is concerned, but so far less is known about the positive benefits for adults. “

Their results show that playing together with parents …
… lowers stress levels
… increases well-being
… increases mental stamina
… can even strengthen the immune system.

For example, laughing together while playing with children has an effect similar to exercising in the gym. In one of Dr. Harding-cited study, “happy laughter” is described as the equivalent of “inner jogging” because, like moderate exercise, it can lower blood pressure and stress and strengthen the immune system.

Playing together in the current situation – a win-win situation
Dr. In her study, Harding also looks at how permanent, self-generated pressure in parents releases the stress hormone cortisol and how playing with children can counteract this positively. In addition, playful interaction can also prevent negative influences on the relationship with one’s own children, which can quickly arise from stress. Maintaining the positive bond is particularly important in the current situation, in which children hardly have the opportunity to come into contact with their peers and to play.

Dr. Harding sums up: “We are aware that the corona crisis is an incredibly stressful time for parents and we would therefore like to use our results to explain the many advantages of playing time together. Studies show that children laugh around 600 times a day, while adults with a lot of luck laugh around five times a day. We have to bring back the joy of playing and who better to show us how to do it than our children! Sitting down and just playing just might not be the best thing you can do for your child right now. It could also be the best thing you can do for yourself as a parent. “

Fisher-Price would therefore like to stand by parents as a loyal companion during this time – and not only with practical game tips to get the best out of the situation, but also with the invitation to bring the child out again. Together with families, Fisher-Price would like to remember the many advantages of playing time together and look to the future with optimism!

A good drop should not be missing on the Easter holidays – for example, the Meßmer winery in Burrweiler recommends the following wine package with lamb: 2016 Burrweiler Schloßgarten Grauburgunder dry, 2015 Sankt Laurent dry and the 2012 Burrweiler Schloßgarten Pinot Noir dry. The wine package costs 45.50 euros – order right here.

The Johnny Doodle company motto : “Chocolate is the answer, no matter what the question is.” Oh, we like to hear that, right? Especially in times of crisis, you sometimes just need delicious food for the nerves that caresses your soul. Dutch chocolate can definitely do that! With creative varieties such as “Banana Bread and Almonds” there is something great for our taste buds to discover. The high-quality chocolate bars are UTZ certified and are made on site in Holland. In addition, the start-up has even set up its own foundation, to which 3 percent of the income goes every year to support cocoa farmers.

Freshness kick with Kuemmerling
The iconic Kuemmerling schnapps is known for its herbal taste. But from now on a fresh wind is blowing! Attention Pfeffi fans: The small alcohol enjoyment has been available in the peppermint variety since April.
Our editorial team has tried it and finds: The new flavor is an asset to the spirit shelf. You don’t have to swallow this short one with squinted eyes, but can enjoy the peppermint taste on the tongue. Fresh, summery and delicious!
Tip: Ice cold from the freezer compartment, this small drink is really good in summer.

Simply have a good drop of wine delivered! The family business Gies-Düppel between the Upper Rhine and the Palatinate Forest, for example, has numerous quality wines in its range. The focus is on Riesling and Pinot Gris such as late white and pinot gris. The high quality with lots of natural fruit and home character is ensured by environmentally friendly cultivation and strict selection of the grapes. You can order the wine directly here or the winery via email or phone .

So spring can come: Rig-Tig presents the cool “Foodie” series – these are electric kitchen gadgets in great pastel colors. Those who want it less colorful can choose the black or white version.

Where to give away Easter eggs and other little things? The “Happy Easter” paper gift bag from Heitmann Deco is perfect for making others happy. You can also put it in front of the door or hang it on the door handle.

Bulgari presents: The “ Belt Bag ” from the Alexander Wang Serpenti Capsule Collection will be available in two wonderful spring colors from April 2020: Baby Blue and Peach add color to the classic collection of black and white.

What nice dishes, waking up and getting up is much easier! The 8-piece “Shell Pink” tableware from Le Creuset consists of everything you need for a hearty breakfast, from coffee makers to mugs and plates.

We had already introduced you to the cool Goodiebox label from Copenhagen : Every month, high-quality care, make-up and wellness products flutter into our mailboxes with the beauty package for 19.95 euros. The whole thing then not only serves for beautiful skin, but also a relaxed me-time.


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