In love or love? You can tell the difference by these signs

Signs of being in love

Are these still butterflies in your stomach or is that already love? You can tell the difference by these signs!

Signs of being in love

The partner is constantly haunted in our heads, we meet our environment with a permanent grin on our face and would like to tell everyone about the new love – these are clear signs of being in love. Also inner restlessness or excitement as well as loss of appetite indicate that you are totally crazy about HIM. Lovers also feel a deep longing when the lover is not around. How could it be otherwise, the hormones are to blame for the inner restlessness. More precisely, a mixture of serotonin and dopamine.

When the loved one is nearby, those in love often experience physical signs, such as palpitations or weak knees. In the phase of falling in love, however, most of them still hide a lot from their partner and do not yet trust them one hundred percent. Also, lovers are often not completely honest with their partner. Because they want to present themselves from their best side, they still hide things from each other.

This is how you can tell that it is love

After the first phase of being in love, the partners create more and more trust in each other in addition to the feelings described above. A close bond develops between the two people. In addition, lovers are more honest and tolerant with each other than lovers. During this phase, the hormone oxytocin, which is also known as the “bonding or cuddling hormone”, is released to a greater extent. This hormone strengthens the bond between partners, ensures that we build trust in the other and reduces stress and aggression.


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