Driving away flies: these are the best home remedies

Driving away flies

Big buzzers in the apartment can rob you of the last nerve – apart from the fact that flies are unsavory as they can be the carrier of many bacteria. We reveal how you can get rid of pests quickly: These are the best home remedies for flies.

Get rid of houseflies with simple home remedies

The uninvited guest likes to sit down on our food with a constant hum: flies are not only annoying, they are also unsavoury. Among other things, they can transmit faecal bacteria and are therefore not particularly desirable in our kitchens. We’ll tell you which home remedies you can use to get rid of flies in no time.

Essential oils

We love smells that flies hate – fortunately. Use bay oil , cloves or eucalyptus oil so that flies don’t even find their way into your four walls.
The soothing, essential oils do not suit the pests at all!
Drape fresh cloves around your home or use concentrated oil that you put on a rag, for example. Alternatively, you can mix the oil with water in a spray bottle and spray it on concrete objects such as the trash can.

Hot spices

Spicy is flying a number too hot – and it keeps them from settling in your apartment. Put some chili powder or cayenne pepper in a bowl of warm water and place it on your windowsill. It has already turned into a deterrent place for flies.

Tomato plants

We love the smell of tomato plants ! But not flying at all. We can make use of that. Put a plant on your balcony or terrace – you have a natural protective shield against the annoying insects. And best of all: You can also harvest fresh tomatoes!

Vinegar water

Another method is the use of vinegar. Admittedly, we don’t like the pungent smell in our home too. But if you are looking for a quick, effective means to scare away settled flies, you will achieve good effects here. Put some vinegar in a bowl and place it in front of the open window. Alternatively, you can simply boil a litre of vinegar in a saucepan – this will spread the whole smell in the apartment.


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