Cleaning the Bathroom: 7 Effective Tips You Should Know

Cleaning the Bathroom

Moldy joints, a dull bathtub, a mirror that steams up quickly? These typical problems can take our last nerve when cleaning the house. With these tricks you can get your bathroom sparkling clean in no time.

Cleaning the bathroom: 7 effective tricks

  • Moldy joints

Even if we regularly use rags and cleaners – thanks to the damp bathroom climate, it can happen that a few dark spots settle between the tiles. What to do? Use
alcohol or soda and a sponge to loosen small mold stains . Then polish with an old toothbrush. In this way you avoid the use of anti-mold cleaning agents with a high chemical content.

  • Fogged up mirror

Who doesn’t know it? You get out of the shower, want to look at yourself in the mirror – and only look into a milky picture. Another negative side effect: the surfaces tarnish when the moisture condenses on them.
To prevent fogging, you can use a glass cleaner with an anti-fog effect, or you can use this household trick: rub the mirror with shaving foam and then wipe it clean with some kitchen paper. This prevents the moisture from settling on the glass.

  • Dull bathtub

Whether shower or bathtub, we want it to shine! The dull, white surface is caused by limescale deposits in the water. If your tub is made of ceramic or porcelain, the best way to clean it is with scouring milk. Then use a towel to polish for that extra portion of shine.

When using cast mineral tubs, however, you should avoid acidic cleaners and only use water and a microfiber cloth .
If you don’t feel like cleaning at all, you can also invest once in the purchase of a practical handheld steam cleaner . The small device cleans all kinds of surfaces and materials precisely with the help of various attachments – completely without chemicals, only with the help of water pressure.

  • Smelly toilet

You have just cleaned, but the toilet is smelly again (or is it still)? Of course, it is best to find the cause of the odor. If the bowl is cleaned, the problem is probably a clogged drain. Put in a glass of detergent solution and work it with a plunger.
Otherwise, this trick will help: you can easily drown out unpleasant smells in the bathroom with a few drops of an essential oil . It is best to put this on the cardboard tube of the toilet paper!

  • Calcified fittings

Limescale deposits are particularly noticeable on the tap. The metallic fittings should actually shine brilliantly! But you can easily get it back: Take half a lemon and rub the tap with it. Alternatively, you can use some vinegar cleaner and leave it on overnight.

  • Dripping faucet

The best cleaning is useless if the faucet drips and continues to cause limescale stains. The paradox: lime is mostly to blame for the leaking tap! Remove the strainer from the faucet and soak it in a vinegar cleaning solution for a few hours. If this doesn’t help, the problem could be a sealing problem – it’s best to call the plumber here.

  • Dull tiles

We would like a little more glamor here too! To prevent the walls from looking dull and chalky, polish the surface with a mixture of water and vinegar essence in a ratio of 2 to 1. This avoids the use of chemicals and is rewarded with shiny tiles!


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