Cleaning silver jewellery: 4 tips to make it shine again!

Cleaning silver jewellery

We love our silver jewellery. However, it usually happens sooner or later that it tarnishes or loses its shine. We have 4 ingenious tips on how you can easily clean silver jewellery at home.

Grandma’s heirloom or our favourite necklace that we got for our wedding day. We often associate jewellery with memories and never leave the house without it. Unfortunately, silver jewellery at some point looks dull and dull or it tarnishes. These 4 tricks and home remedies will give you a fresh shine in no time!

Silver jewellery clean with toothpaste

We would never have guessed: With the help of toothpaste , our jewellery should look like new again! Put some of the paste on a fresh toothbrush and use it to clean the jewellery. Then wash the silver jewellery under clear water and dry it with a cloth. Then dispose of the toothbrush in the trash.

Silver cleaning cloth for more shine

We can’t go wrong with a standard silver cleaning cloth. Simply run it over the dirty piece of jewellery. In the case of delicate chains or elaborately crafted pieces, however, we may not get all parts polished. Nevertheless, this method is quick and definitely worth a try! Buy a well-rated cloth here.

Home remedy: potato

Cut a raw potato in half and rub one of them over your jewellery. This cleaning method is best for solid silver jewellery.

Clean the silver with aluminium foil and salt

Important: This cleaning method is only suitable for silver jewellery without gemstones. Embedded stones could be irreversibly damaged. In addition, the method should only be used on heavily soiled silver.

Grab a small bowl, line it with some aluminium foil and put the jewellery inside. Now add a teaspoon of salt and hot water. Wait 2 to 3 minutes and then rinse everything with clean cold water. Now put the jewellery on a soft cloth and let it dry. The silver now shines in a new shine!

If an unpleasant smell of sulphur sets in during this time, this is due to the chemical reaction between the aluminium foil and the silver. Therefore ventilate sufficiently!


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